Crawlspace tools and containers

Without realizing it I have lost my tools in a crawlspace again. This is the 2nd time in 2 years and that’s utterly frustrating. What tools do you carry into the crawlspace and how do you hold on to them? This is a typical crawlspace for me. Dark, dry and very dusty.

I hated my tool bag that I kept in my back pocket but it worked’ish. I was trying to come up with new plan, however in light of losing my tools again I need a new plan.

The only tools I take into a crawl is a flashlight and camera.

Although I must admit about 8 or 10 years ago I somehow lost my keys in a crawl and had to go back in and hunt them down, another time I lost a camera (Olympus Tough) but left it, I told my client if he ever found it I’d pay for shippiing, a few months later he found it and sent it back, darn thing still had a full charge.


Same here. Only after a few hard lessons learned.

But, if feel you must; make a tool bag with a zipper and drag it around with you. What might you need? Moisture meter, non-contact voltage meter, nut driver/screw driver or probe etc.


Ditto… same as with attics!! :+1:


I’ve had a trainee once that I was afraid was going to lose his flashlight… as in the one he was using :slight_smile: :slight_smile: And no, he ever made it out of training.


I usually carry a moisture meter, a non contact voltage tester, an outlet tester and a small string level. In a second pocket I carry a small backup flashlight. I occasionally misjudge my flashlights battery life. Oops.


I use a pair of Dickies coveralls that has three zippered pockets. I wear a headlamp and keep my camera/phone in my hand. In my pockets are my moisture meter, a non-contact voltage tester, and a backup flashlight. I stage my toolbag at the crawlspace entrance in case I need anything else, but that’s rare. I recall another member who swore by flight suits because they have way more zippered pockets all over, but I haven’t found the need yet. Basically, when crawling, I don’t trust any method that relies on gravity to keep the tool in its container, hence the zippered pockets.


Same here…Plus a screwdriver for probing. All I have in my hands, nothing in my pockets.


A small, cheap pencil bag carries those little items in a crawl just fine. Easy to keep track of down there.


The most important thing needed in a crawl is a cobweb clearer, lol. I hate crawling through them.


Around here that would be the termite inspector :laughing: they always go before me and help clear out a path


Yep. I do the same as Kevin and JJ. with the addition of my head light.
The camera is on a lanyard and my flashlight is on a strap around my wrist.

I perform WDI/WDO inspections on 90% of the homes I inspect.

I wear a pair of heavy duty coveralls with oversized pockets that zip.

I attach my body cam to my headlamp. I put a probing tool in one pocket, moisture meter in another pocket and an extra flashlight in another pocket.

I carry my phone in one hand and a flashlight in the other.

Unfortunately where I live we have a lot of dark scary crawlspaces with cave crickets. I hate them. I feel like they’re all staring at me. I’d rather encounter spiders and snakes then cave crickets.


I never enter a crawlspace without my machete. No joke.


I could only wish the crawlspaces I go in looked that good.

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They are staring at you Kevin. They know your name. :rofl:


I’m considering buying some drop lights but I only carry a flashlight and a phone on a selfie stick. I’m covered head to to with a helmet, respirator, suit, kneepads, and gloves that extend to my elbows.