Crazy pre Thanks Giving !

What an evening. Around 4:50pm get an appliance repair call on a fridge that was not cooling in fridge side, ended up being the water valve not closing completely, causing a complete ice build-up in freezer side. With inturn ends up blocking the air flow to ref. Installed the new valve, and client was nice enough to de-ice the buildup. It is now 6:30 heading home to finally put my feet up and relax. Get to the side door of home and here is my wife standing there crying, says she fell while trying to get cake platter and cover from above kitchen cabinets (this is one of those heavy thick glass one’s) well she ended up dropping it which broke of course, but on its way down it hit the counter sending large chunks of glass flying everywhere. One hit her in the head, and to place’s on her legs. went to emergency room. Ended up with 3 staples in head, 6 stitches on leg, and one glue job on other leg. The one funny part of all of this is i just posted my tip of the week post on my web site about ladder saftey. I told my wife that i did’nt say not to use a ladder, just be careful when using one. CHAIRS are not ladders !

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone and please be careful out there.

That’s awful.

Get well soon.

That sucks. I wish her a speedy recovery :frowning:
I wish you better luck with Christmas.

sorry to hear this

Thank you for the get well wish’s she is doing well now. The bruises are pretty large right now, just will take a little time to go away. So glad she did’nt fall another way. Could have been much worse.

Happy Holidays, already made my wish list.

   a. AMPROBE INSP-3 Wiring Inspector Tester
   b.The new Flir (Infrared camera) that's out now
   c. The Telesteps Ladder for inside of house (hard to get to attic entrance's)
   d. SeaScope 660 Waterproof Video Inspection Camera (Recording)