Creative wiring techniques

This was a new one for me. I don’t even think there is a name for this idiotic defect.


Wow…:shock:…it looks like they tried to hook a different conductor to that breaker first and that blew up….so,…:roll::wha?:#-o

Guess that the 20 amp breaker wouldn’t hold so they made a 40 amp. :roll:

It would still only be protected by a 20 amp. As you know you don’t add the two together.
What an idiot the installer is. It makes you wonder what else is lurking in and around the house…

Well, no…
Don’t forget: this tandem is, in reality, two separate breakers.
The conductor attached to them can pull 20 amps through each, in parallel, without tripping them, which adds up to 40A.
Yes, this is essentially a 40 amp breaker, and, of course, it is totally, completely and utterly “hack”

coat hanger special:shock:

They do add together. They’re on the same phase so the voltage stays the same (120 volts) but the ampacity is additive meaning 20+20=40 amps.

I LOVE this job - especially for the electrical stuff !!!

Joe, I thought you knew this one.
That copper conductor is a double pole 20 20 to 40 amp breaker converter made buy, I’lStartAFire Inc.:wink:
I think there is a class action suite against the maker:roll:

Referred to post number 9 Mr. McGrai;)

See Joe. That home owner in your post is not the only purchaser of their products.