Credit Card System

Does anyone have an opinion or advice in reference to this empowered point of sale credit card system? I am needing an online payment system for my website and linked to my business account. Any sugestions?


Will this allow my clients to pay with a credit card without having to register with paypal themselves? And can the payments be linked to the business account?

Not sure check out the site. I think they can use credit cards and you pay about 2.7 %or something At least that is what the fee is to do it on a smart phone in the field I believe I saw it today…

Yes and Yes…plus you can get a CC Swipe for your smart phone…

All a client needs to pay with PayPal is an email address.

Payments are in my business bank account in usually 24 hrs. using the PayPal business account, which costs $30.00 per month, which is fine with me, we take thousands of dollars per month in credit card charges.

Thanks Dale, hows the weather out that way? I was born and raised in Glendale.

Dale … Thinking bout you today. 4 days it was 72 degrees / tonite its 9 degrees with wind chill factor below zero. Wish U were here & I was there.

Uncle Dan

I just got a paypal, easy, works good. I never accepted credit cards, only cash or check. Showed up client could only do, assumed I took those payment forms.

I opened up a paypal account and he paid. I dont promote it as its giving away 2.7% but if asked I will tell them they can pay with it.

BTW No, I waited to publish the report until i got notified of payment from paypal.