Credit scor raising, by Nick

OK. I’ll bite.

BTW: That is CREDIT SCORE. Sorry for the typo.

I am doing OK, at least every other week. But starting a new business (two years old, almost) is a hassle. The full time transition has its rocky periods.

How do we do thism Oh Great NACHI Janitor? :mrgreen:

Manipulate (falsify) your records according to the other thread.

Been there done that and have found that it one needs $$ ones credit score is really not that important.

I used a SBA guaranteed loan through a local bank for 5 yr $$ and had trouble in the LAST 6 mo of the 5 yrs and they would not give me a break – This was for some BIG $$ — yes times change and yes I did get another lender to take me on before I got my first born repo -ed

Please look at other ways of getting $$ for a business than trying to change a credit score. — Put it in your kids name - dog - etc.

Pull a GOOD business partner in with a GOOD credit score and DON’T screw up

I also find that good clients are a good source of credit – They don’t want to see you go away

Look at property owners that need your on going services – it is called RR

Recurring Revenue


Just for the record me thinks Nick took a different approach to credit

I speak from the pavement – Kill the AC and the heat - Kill the cable and the cell phone if it does not DIRECTLY make $$

Down trade the car or truck – any junker will run 6- 12 months if your add enough oil

Kids in school – esp collage – don’t go until some $$ come in - Kids do and can work for a year

Just some off the shelf thoughts - perhaps not what you were looking for


The best way I have found to raise your score…

Max your card then pay it off the next month. Then get a new card max it and pay it the next month, then get a new card and max it then pay it the next month.

Then only use the card you want to keep and keep the others at zero, this way you may have 75k in credit,but only 0-25k is used… credit score=== I could buy a Corvette with just my CC. 780+ last time I looked.

My goal is to buy a carrera on a credit card… I see it in 4 years. The only problem is how will I pay for it!:frowning:

I started out with a 500.00 credit limit co-signed by my parents at 19 years old. It was for expenses incured while traveling for Lockheed, and required a $25.00 deposit.

I got my statement today and in 19 years I have racked up a grand totle of 188.98 in my account.:roll:

However, I have gone from 500.00 to 25k in credit limit. When I got to 10 k(at about 29) I started doing what I posted above.

Granted, I have been lucky and have not had expenses beyond my control.

Credit cards are difficult, but if delt with correctly can reep serious rewards. IE. if you have no credit you cant get ****.

Buy an old one Todd.:slight_smile:

Richard I agree with your suggestions. Lower the heat and put on a sweater and build a fire. Drive an older car or truck that isn’t a gas guzzler. Use TV antennas instead of cable tv. (tv sucks most of the time anyway)

No Credit pay more for car insurance

Understanding How Your Credit History May Affect Your Car Insurance Coverage
Provided By:

Many personal auto insurance companies consider your credit information when determining how much premium to charge for your insurance. So if you are calling around for new insurance, keep in mind that many insurers are looking at your credit history. I hope that we will be able to let you know why and how they do this.
The reason that some insurance companies use credit
Insurance Companies are not your friend
Added cancilling a credit card also goes against your credit
this also makes you look like a dead beat.
Dammed if you do and dammed if you dont
Roy Cooke RHI