Critical Success Factors

Good afternoon to all, I was emailing to get every ones opinions and inputs. I was wondering what every one felt are the Critical Success Factors for a home inspector, in specific the actual inspector himself, a home inspection business, a marketing plan and customer relations. Thanks again for your help and thoughts.

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Garnick, Thomas

Being able to market effectively. Without the ability to market and get business, you have no business.

I agree with Dwight. Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing is the key. You know looking back…the inspection part is the easy part. You have to market daily and if you stop your marketing…you are forgotten and your company goes away.

Key to marketing…always bring your ideas to this forum. There are a ton of veterans in NACHI that can really help you. They can tell if you works or if it doesnt. Listen to them…

First lesson(from an OKIE)…stay away from the yellow pages.

My Name Is Greg, I Own Ranger Home Inspections. Tell Everyone And Be Proud About It! Everyone Knows A Realtor Or A Banker, Here In Florida Everyone Is A Realtor, Those That Are’nt Are Hi’s

The key to the business game (I use that term loosly) is marketing yourself. The providing quality product once the marketing scores. I attended a NACHI presentation on marketing and the presenter offered this allocation of your time; when not inspecting, 80% of your time should be involved in marketing.

Now that time can be used in developing referrals (relatives, friends, real estate agents, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, appraisers), creating brochures, web sites, business cards, signs for the truck, clothing with your company name and logo.

I spend about 60% and the remaining time is spent on education.

Happy marketing!:smiley:

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