When to market your inspection services and when not too.

I often see inspectors marketing when they have extra money and not marketing when money is tight. This is upside-down thinking. Your marketing decisions should not be based on cash flow, but instead be based on demand.

If you are busy and not looking to raise your prices… stop marketing. Save your money to market when you are slow.

Some inspectors say things like “I’ve been slow this month, so I’m not going to spend much on marketing.” This strategy causes the inspector’s worst fear to become reality.

The great thing about marketing is that so much can be done with no money needed.
All you need is time and focus.
Time = Money…:slight_smile:

I have found marketing in late summer, when I am the busiest is the best time to perform traditional marketing. Because then you have active marketing bringing in leads to get you through the winter. It usually takes a few months before marketing takes affect.


Act as if you had a full-time job. If you don’t have any inspections scheduled for tomorrow morning, set your alarm clock anyway, get up, and do something to help your inspection business.

Exactly… as that is the hard part.
Even spending money on marketing takes time and focus.

And a pretty smile. :slight_smile:

Guess I better spend my money on the $15,000 bill for dental work I just received.:mrgreen:
Ever notice how the best speakers even smile when talking about funerals?

Here is a cool test for charisma that I invented.
Next time you watch TV and there are two speakers giving you different reactions freeze frame the picture and study the faces.
It is eye opening.

Most remotes have this feature now.

Is there a time NOT to market?

Marketing is 24/7. Clean vehicles, clean uniform, while driving must be super courteous because the company name is on the vehicle. Its not a full time job its a 24/7 commitment. All you do and say is a direct reflection on your company. For some reason people love to point out faults in a person. As they say in the military one “O SHEIT” takes away 100 “that a boys”.

If your weak in an area, trust me your competition is pointing that out to every Realtor and customer they know. What do you point out in your advertising? Your strong points that others do not have, right? If work is slow, get qualified, certified, educated on the subjects your slow about. Many of the class’s are right here on this website.

Marketing is not a full time job, if you want to succeed its a freaking lifestyle.

Deffinately do not get your vehicle lettered unless you are ok with people staring at you while you are driving. :cool: