CRM Software for 1 man show

Hi everyone, Anyone know of any good CRM Systems? Small business (1 man). Just want to have something where I can input notes for agents and homeowners.

Such as? Give us an example.
In 25+ years, I have never had the need (or desire) to do any such thing.

Thank you for the reply Jeff. CRM is something many business’s use just to keep track of all their clients (agents) etc. I like to have all my invoicing, quoting, contacts in one place to make it easier for me than just using Excel. I actually was just set up with one so if any inspectors are looking for something simple and cheap CRM app please feel free to reach out.

Agents are never my clients, unless they are purchasing the home I am inspecting!

Google/Gmail works just fine for my needs.

Why don’t you just openly share in this thread? You asked and received open replies, now sharing in kind would be appropriate, otherwise what’s the point of others helping you?

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Thank you Jeff, if it works for you that’s great. Was just looking into it. The program is ZOHO if anyone was looking. Take care.


As a one man show, it seems overkill. I can do a lot with an excel spreadsheet.


This is one of the draws of Spectora. Everything you need is integrated right into your scheduling and reporting software.


I use ClickUp and I love it.

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HomeGauge has similar feature, I imagine several softwares have features like this built in. (See comment above for Spectora)

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Inspector Toolbelt also has this.


Thanks Ryan!

Thanks Jim, I’ll look into it.

Inspector Toolbelt has free admin software - agreements, email reminders, doc storage, etc. It’s free so that you will give the home inspection aspect a try - of which, you get 5 free reports.

Thank you for the feedback Brian. I don’t mind excel but would just rather have a system that I can open up and have everything right there available to use. Not saying excel doesn’t work, just not for me.

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Outlook has email, contact lists, calendar and can be set up for automated contact emails.

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I use NXT Inspekt for my software, it allows online scheduling, payments, agreements, and it tracks everything. check it out. its free for Nachi members for 5 years.

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