Spectora & ISN....?

Here is my question. Is ISN still necessary with Spectora? Can Spectora handle back-office functions like scheduling, automated emails, agreements, etc… like ISN (yes, I know they are integrated)?

After 7 yrs with current software I am ready for a change. My current software offer back-office services but I chose not to use and instead integrated with ISN. The only thing I use reporting software for is the report.

If you have experience or 1st hand knowledge I would appreciate your help/opinion.

Thanks, Ryan
*If you are trolling forums and have no relevant info. pls don’t respond

Hi Ryan,

I’m a new inspector in Texas, licensed since Aug, 2020. I have used Spectora only and can’t say enough good things about it. First of all, I have booked inspections based strictly on the strength of the “look and feel” of the reports.

But the answer to your question is a resounding YES. Spectora handles all the back-office stuff for me, scheduling, invoices, payments, pre-inspection agreements, automated e-mail, text messages, etc. A little bit of a learning curve on the automation stuff, but there is a tremendous amount of instructional content out there, a Spectora youtube channel for instance that has pretty much been able to answer any questions I have had. Oh yeah, and the reporting software is a no brainer to use. Even to satisfy the requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission which requires reporting on a specific form promulgated by the state. In short I can’t say enough good things about the folks at Spectora, you are welcome to email me with any specific questions.

Happy Inspecting,
Jeff Skelton

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To be honest, I see no need for ISN

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ISN has a lot of advanced features Specotra doesn’t have.

If you need those or not is entirely subjective.

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