office management software

can anyone recommend a good office management software that is compatible with homegauge report software, tracks appointments, invoices, HR, has letter templates, etc.


You’re welcome.

Don’t mention it…anytime.

Seriously Julius, not too many folks have offered suggestions likely because such an animal doesn’t exist. There are many programs that do each of your requirements but one that does it all may be hard to find. I use Whisper Reporter for my reporting, Quickbooks Pro for my invoicing and business financial record keeping, Outlook for my appointments (in conjunction with my hard copy schedule book) and then I use Microsoft Office (Word, etc) for letters, templates, etc. I have heard that some of the reporting packages have at least some of the features you asked for but I’m not sure exactly which ones. I’m sure others will chime in, give it a little time.

Hi-Spec does.

I believe PalmTech’s has one that will do all you want but it might only work with their software.

But only with their report writing s/w right? I think that’s what I read there. Julius is looking for something to work with HomeGuage. Don’t they have a product that would work?

Horizon does all that.
They are going to a pay by the month system for $79.99 I beleive.
Beginning august 8th.It is a big change.

Again, only with their report writing s/w, correct? Does it interface to HomeGuage like Julius asked? Also, since Julius is in Texas this blurb from their FAQ’s might be of interest:20. I’m in Texas. Do you have the Texas form in Horizon?
The Texas form isn’t available yet. Email us at if you would you like us to contact you once it is.

Office Pro from AHit. I too use Homegauge, but I do not use them for my database. I’ll put client info in the report file, but not their address and all phone #s, sub division name and such.

Gauge has an import/export feature, but I just use that to extract the emails and names to deliver it to my email newsletters.

Hope that helps


Look for office management feature built in HomeGauge coming out in 4.0!
Should be out Sept/Oct 07

I myself am not sure if it will do all you want at first release. If not, let us know as it will continue to improve. Currently HG can export info to Quickbooks.