Crock In Crawl

I did an inspection the other day on a house built in 2005. I found a sump crock in the crawlspace that was sitting in a hole that was about 1/3 of the way dug out and nothing hooked up to it. However all downspouts were hooked up to black corrugated drainage tile. I walked around the house to see if I could find an exterior drainage pit of some sort or an exposed drain opening but could not find anything. Just curious to see how other inspectors would report this. Thanks

Blake, write what you just did.

I doubt gutter downspouts go into the home to a sump, that would be absurd.

Maybe the owner was going to install a sump after a “100 year flood” type thing, but changed their mind. Who knows, just document what you can see, and document what you cant see and don’t know. That’s all we can do really.

Thanks for the input Mike. Its funny how you mentioned that because the house/neighborhood had a 100 year type flood about 6 years ago. I know the builder of the house too and he is known for some pretty sloppy work and cutting corners. It was a long report.

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