InterNACHI Marketing Club

Recently InterNACHI headquarters has been presented with a number of marketing and advertising opportunities for our members. There are varying costs associated with each of these opportunities that go beyond the standard membership dues. This survey is to assess InterNACHI member’s interest in participation in an “InterNACHI Marketing Club”. The goal of the club is to help promote club members in their market areas.

Thank you for your participation.

Ron I am always up for some marketing. Just need more info to really commit to a dollar amount.

I am already trying to do this with some inspectors in Florida. Just the question is kinda vague for me to commit. But, at the same token I am willing to spend money to make money.

More specifics please!

Same here. Tell me more before I could pin down $$.

Nebulous question.
What is your part in this and is it a money making for profit opportunity for you personally.
Anyone answering yes to the poll is foolish at this point .
Look forward to response when I return.

Need more info, and what happened with this past idea?

I can say this. I met Ron Huffman and there is one sharp guy. Honest, kind, and I really think he is genuine in his offerings. Now how much does he make on these deals? I actually could care less. The real question is what is my return on investment. If I give Ron $1000 and he keeps $999 and uses just one towards an idea that makes me $100,000. Then what do I care?

I know his last attempt I think cost CMI about $800…

Since InterNACHI is, for all practical purposes, a “marketing club” in itself…perhaps you will be kind enough to explain how this club within a club idea is going to work.

For instance, will an inspector who chooses not to market himself to real estate salesmen in his area (such as myself) find himself paying for marketing materials being mailed to real estate salesmen?

References please?
19 posts and a big idea to ask for money is what I see so far.

When business is slow just start a school or sell marketing and I see nothing here other than a plea for money.
The guys who call everyday on the phone at least promise to make me number one on Google before they try and empty my pockets.:slight_smile:

I agree that we already have a marketing club and this reminds me to much of tiers as in CMI.
Does Nick have knowledge of this or is it spam?

I can’t believe anyone willing to commit to the first year at $200 per month, when they have know idea of what there getting in return.

Personally I’m not interested in this pay-to-play using InterNachi’s name, it doesn’t seem ethical or fair to members who do not, or can not afford, to pay, and will create an unfair playing field for other InterNachi members who pay regular membership dues.

Also I wonder if Joe Farsetta knows anything about this?

Seems we’ve seen quite a bit of “this” lately, haven’t we.

BTW… aren’t we gonna need a Logo for “this”?


$12,000 from suckers.Born every minute.
Time for me to order constant contact,take pictures of myself in a suit,ask newbies why they are not making a boatload of money then promise to teach them how if they send me a shipful.Now that is a real load of SHIP.

Certified Full Time Master Marketeer. Or should that be Musketeer…? :shock:

Athos, Aramis, D’Artagnan and Ron. :mrgreen:

Um, If you guys don’t know who Ron Huffman is you may not have been paying attention. I’m not sure what he’s offering yet but I do know it’s not a scam.

I agree Keith. I think the guy really wants to help. I am willing to listen. I didn’t know NACHI was a marketing group, I thought it was an educational place.

Ron is working for InterNACHI on a special project: To develop group marketing programs where willing members pool together some funds and use them to buy themselves local bulk advertising that ends up costing less per impression than if purchased individually by those members.

Here is the question at hand. Let’ say you spend $100/month on marketing your business (now to me, that sounds absurdly low for any businessman who feeds his family from the profits of his inspection business, but that’s beside the point). Now, if you are spending $100/month on advertising, presumably you are getting $100 worth of advertising in return for your $100. Ron’s job is to figure out ways for you to get $200 or $300 or even $1,000 worth of advertising in return for your $100.

This can only be done with group marketing.

Bulk advertising to who? What is this bulk advertising and to what segment of the market is it designed to be directed toward?

Will I and the NACHI member lowballer in my area be “sharing” equal billing and advertising to the same market?

UM ,and I should know this because …