CSA Standards draft making waves in Alberta


Funny, I posted these hours ago and there is no reaction!


Why is that funny?

Different time zones…

“Why re-invent the wheel?”

We already have it, and all that is needed is for everyone to consider the value and content based on years of development and research that applies to the Canadian Home Inspection sector. Even the latest of National Occupational Standards was completed under the facilitation of experienced independent “DACUM” consultants, with a panel of Canadian Home Inspectors. It works, it’s time tested, and equally as important it has value in establishing the baseline for what consumers should expect from a home inspection and from the inspector performing the work.

Additionally, a number of occupational reviews have been successfully completed over the past decade within Canada by subject matter experts. Two of these were substantially funded at the federal level by CMHC and HRSDC. The latest one was completed by the NHICC (National Home Inspector Certification Council) within the past year, with the support of a wide range of home inspectors representing a large number of Canadian home inspection associations.

Any home inspector or association is welcome to utilize it, as long as you reference the source. http://www.nationalhomeinspector.net/2014Report4final.pdf

(Remember CAHPI claims ownership of its NOS)

Exactly! NOS is approved and widely accepted standard. And it is FREE. Why is there a need to re-invent the wheel other than money grab? Why CSA develops new standard instead of utilizing the existing and proven one? Too many questions and no answers.

Same could be said for the most widely used SOP in Canada: www.nachi.org/sop.htm More than 1,200 inspectors in Canada already use it and it is free. InterNACHI’s SOP is already used in the inspection courses with the most approvals, built-into the various industry reporting software, approved by all the E&O insurance companies, published in hard copy and online everywhere, referenced in everyone’s pre-inspection agreements, etc. Recreating it would be like proposing to recreate the English alphabet.

Everybody has an opinion, and SOP’s. Every state that has HI licensing has different SOP’s, rules, regulations, etc. InterNACH SOP’s are different from ASHI’s.

It is all about arrogance, and egos, politics, and lawyers.

One thing, however, SOP’s all have in common: they are a basic, minimal standard, allow for basic, minimal inspectors and reports, and lower prices. The standards never fully inform the home buyer. That is why REA’s and their lobbyists/associations want them, so they can get basic reports and basic prices, and all legally.

InterNACHI’s seem to be the best, but that “representative number” will always be one. IMO, should be “were accessible”.

Where does it stop though?

CSA’s SOP will create an inspection that will take most of the day to perform, and another to report on. We are to inspect plastic stor bought storage sheds? Really??? Thats not even the most assinine.

Will buyers pay $2000 for an inspection, or will inspectors be forced to earn minimum wage for their efforts? Then they want us to take on more liability and increased insurance costs?

Say goodbye to an entire industry if this collosal piece of s h i t ever becomes law.

Offer two levels of service. An inspection per the CSA guidelines ( which they would of course have to pay to see) for $2,500 or a traditional inspection for $400. Give the consumer the choice. Why should the consumer be forced to take it up the *****? They are adults and should be allowed to choose.

Sound’s good but if the CSA standards are excepted you can be sure they are the rules that are to be followed .

Agreed. I’m not sure if we will have a choice once the government controls our industry.