CSST Bonding ?

First pic basement manifold (Bonded), Second pic built out attic utility room manifold does not appear to be bonded. Does bonding need to be clamped to the manifold like basement or can it be down the line somewhere?

Typically CSST is bonded right outside or inside where the gas pipe enters the building.

Is there hard gas pipe between the manifolds?

Yes, basement pic shows main gas line to the right with shutoff.

yes there is.

Since it’s bonded at the basement manifold does it need be bonded elsewhere?
If so, why?


Depends… If the supply from the meter is CSST, there must be a bond at the first most connector of the CSST following the meter…

If the piping coverts to CSST inside the structure, see below…

Here’s your ‘Why’… http://thecuttingedgellc.com/downloads/NEC_Lightning_Report-rev2.pdf