CSST Bonding?

Should this manifold be grounded? Left side is gas entry into home from meter, other two lines run the furnace and water heater.

Was the CSST bonded at the first connector outside at the meter?

No only saw tracer wire.

That is reason enough to call for a Licensed Electrician that is experienced with CSST bonding to evaluate and make all necessary corrections.


Hi Terri,

You should have received an email from DLLR ( since you’re in MD ) about CSST and that we must report on the bonding or lack there of.
I’ll see if I can find it…

Also most CSST manufacturers require bonding.

And then there is the black sheathed version which does not require bonding according to the manufacturer.

TracPipe CounterStrike.

But some municipalities may still call for bonding.

Just curious how many of you guys have actuality found visible grounding/bonding of CSST at meter? I’ve only seen it twice so usually make the same call as Jeffrey did above.

Yes I have but not often enough