Here’s an interesting installation of CSST, 30 feet from the meter to the furnace, notice the horizontal drip leg, scary stuff, and you should see the electrical, plus the two racoons in the attic that I didn’t have time to get a picture of, vicious little bast*rds, I didn’t know I could still move so fast.

SUC51050 (Small).JPG SUC51051 (Small).JPG

SUC51058 (Small).JPG SUC51063 (Small).JPG

SUC51063 (Small).JPG

Agreed on drip leg, shut off valve in the wrong place and is that an electrical ground connecting to the gas pipe???

Don’t they have insulation for the Ducts up there

I like the duct tape conduit strap.:smiley:

Also see www.csstsettlement.com

You don’t need inuslation when one duct blows directly into the basement, and two floor vents are hanging loose and also blowing into the basement, one duct was insulated, asbestos, insulation in this case would be an unnecessary expense.

The furnace was sitting on two concrete blocks, and notice the exhaust vent in contact with the CSST, preheating the Gas must make the furnace more efficient.

As far as the CSST class action, I informed my clients of that, but to me at least some effort to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidlines should have been attempted.

This is typical of home in this area, Mullan is an old mining town, pop. 450, most of the houses were built in the 20’s for Miners, it’s also an area where Code enforcement and permits are not a big priortity when it comes to renovations.

Was just in a crawl Sat. to repair busted water line (at least 1" water every where). Told the owner I seen a wire splice not in a box and 1 wire was just taped at the end no nuts on it. Shocking if you ask me!!!