Current IR owners, question

Alright…here’s a question for all you current IR pros.

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how I can determine if my market area will support the expense of an IR camera. How did each of you guys determine that the IR camera would actually “fly” in your area.

There aren’t many inspectors with IR cameras around here. There are a few other businesses that utilize IR technology (mold guys and industrial applications).

With the downturn in inspections I don’t see it in my immediate future. I’d love to be able to think that I got one (IR camera), and was able to increase my services and ultimately increase my bottom line.

That’s probably one of the things that got me going, is that there weren’t any in my immediate area that I know of. I figured that by the time I got proficient enough with it I’d be way ahead of the game and it also ties in with several other things that I’m doing right now.

Then again I guess it depends on how your area embraces change and how you market it.

Go to Kevin Richardsons ITI message board also.


Hello, I have found that when I bring it on the inspection and show how it works by turning it on or showing a report that the client will usually choose the service.

This was a no brainer.

I heard a lot of talk about infrared cameras on the MB, searched my area for HI’s who are doing this particular inspection now and found very minimum HI’s who offer this service.

I took the big dive and purchased the B-2 and participated in courses and now I’m waiting for the phone to ring off the hook. It’s too early for me to give you any numbers from my area as this is a completely new service in the HI field.

You’ll need to invest, then sell the service. In the residential market people have no clue what you’re really talking about until you show them like Kevin R. has referred to. The market may be open but the demand is currently low.

That is my problem…demand is next to nothing for inspections.

Trust me…You are not solo.

That’s why especially in todays market, you need to set yourself apart from the competition and the masses.

Showing the market what you can do with IR ends up selling itself! By strictly talking about my new technology to anyone who will listen gets their attention and in turn gets me business. Once I explain what I can do, I get a line wanting my business card.

Look at the poll started on another thread… there’s a BUNCH of inspectors who have absolutely no interest in IR… I say GOOD! More business for me!:twisted:

I totally agree with everything. When the time is right, I’ll get one. :smiley:

I booked and IR Energy scan today for tomorrow A.M. Homeowner has cold rooms in different areas of the home (huge home) and the builder has not been able to resolve the problem. He Googled “IR Home Inspections” and gave me a call. He sent drawings and a list of problem areas. Don’t expect to make a lot of extra $$$ just because you own a camera. It takes time to market it just like anything else. Mine is paid for so I don’t depend on its use to make payments.

I have done about 23 Energy Audit inspections in the last month. $375 per.

Good extra income in a slow market and a slow time.

I recommend that you get some good home energy documentation (insulation tips, electrical efficiencies, Energy Star furnaces, water heaters (especially tanlkless water heaters) and appliances, etc) as well as some articles on energy efficiency with regards to moisture intrusion, humidifiers, and the mold problem together. I have developed a 19 page “manual” with verbiage and links and use it as a hand out. I also have developer relationships with insulation contractors, mold remediation companies and plumbers who are “factory certified” to install tankless water heaters. People always want someone else to do their research and refer to contractors who can fix things.

Home this helps;

Offering ITI services as part of a normal home inspection or as a separate service is a business decision that will have to be made by each individual business owner. Both have their Pros and Cons. I’d like to talk a little about what has been working for me in my business.

I offer separate “add-on” ITI services as well as “stand-alone” services. The most popular is my “Limited General ITI Scan”, which is an add-on to a standard home inspection. I market this service by utilizing what I like to call the “coolness factor.” Let’s face it, most people do not know what an IR camera is much less what ITI technology can accomplish when properly used. Explaining the the camera or the technology on the phone or in person without the aid of the camera can sometimes be difficult. Most people just want to know “how much does it cost?” and “what is it going to do for me?”

So, I try not to go into too much detail over the phone. When I’m talking to someone on the phone that is scheduling an inspection, I briefly explain the service and then ASK them if it would be OK if I bring the camera to the inspection and give a short five minute presentation before we begin the inspection. I inform them of the fee for the service, but do not push it on them, and suggest they hold off on making the decision to add the service until after the presentation.

This is where the “coolness factor” comes into play! At the beginning of the inspection I go over the normal stuff like Pre-Inspection Agreements, general process, etc. Then, I pull out the camera and give my short presentation. I let them see the camera in action. I’ll show them an image of an interior wall, then place my hand on the wall for a few seconds. I step back and re-scan the wall. You will be amazed at the responses I receive from my clients and everyone in the room. They see the “glowing” hand print on the image and say “wow” that is cool.

Once they see the camera in action, I have them sold! Most people will see the value in using the camera and will not hesitate to purchase the add-on service on the spot. I currently average about 300 inspections a year, which is about 25 inspections a month. I’m averaging about 40% close rate per month. That’s an average of 10 people who purchase the Limited General ITI Scan.

25 x 40% = 10 x 99.00 = 990.00

Try it…it works


I did quite a bit of research on it and found many things that convinced me to jump in. This technology is already widely used in Europe which means it wont take long for our tech. savvy consumers to want it. I also want to be ahead of the curve so when IR is common place in inspections I will have 100s of scans under my belt along with continuous education.

I also market independent IR surveys to commercial roofing contractors, facility managers, insulation companies, restoration companies, property managers and condo associations as well as home inspections, I also use it for every remodeling project I go on, which has proven to be well worth it, when I am competing for a job and bring my camera I tell the client that before we start taking down walls or ceilings I’ll do a IR scan to try to identify any potential problems that can add to the cost of the project. It’s worked very well for me even if I don’t find anything, the level of professionalism is always recognised.

I guess for me it has allowed me to diversify both my businesses in a difficult market, add services, increase the level or perhaps start to create a new standard and stay ahead of the competition.

Sorry for the long response but I believe!!!

I agree.

With this technology being still in its infancy (both in total and especially in the Home Inspection and Building Science fields, the sky is the limit!

I can’t tell you how many LISTING AGENTS I have impressed with this. They ask me for my card and refer me to their buyers and SELLERS!

I believe that this is a BLEEDING EDGE technology. When you are on the edge, yoy can get hurt, but your opportunity to be out in front of the pack is also in play. Just needs to be properly managed.

I, also, have been approached by many GCs and builders who want their new construction scanned.

Here’s how I have marketed.

I do draw inspections (every one does, it makes the gas money :mrgreen: )

After I do the work for the draw company, I ask the GC if I can take out the camera and take a look around. I tell him that I am writing courses for state CE and will keep the address and names out of it. He always agrees.

Then I show him the pictures. He is amazed ("You can see through walls!!!) and I show him the complex roof structure on the raised ceilings and rafters that are so much in vouge now.

Then (when it is raining and during other such “thermally friendly” situations, where his roofing sub didn’t quite get the roof vent or chimney flashing right or where his HVAC guy didn’t quite seal the attic vent insulation or where the windows are leaking water or cold air or where the plumber tightened the shower valves a little too tight and there is leakage or where the framer didn’t seal the rim joist properly and there is cold air circulating between the floor joists.

Or, I just show him the HVAC ducts in the walls or the cold and hot water pipe placement in the walls.

They think it’s FREAKIN MAGIC.

I even freak out the codies!!! :wink:

Then I hand them my card and tell them to give me a call, if they ever need me.

The smart ones do. The idiots, hey, I don’t want to work with them anyway. :mrgreen:

Hope this helps;

Will, nice post!

I have to give credit where credit is due!!!

You, on several occasions took the time to talk to me on the phone before and after I made this decision, which I will never regret, thank you.

Also, thank you for the time you put into your IR PP it helped me tremendously.

Members help members!!!

$8660 in December without a single home inspection is a pretty good month. :shock:

Errol, any suggestions on marketing these services?

Not me Peter, Will knows for sure. :smiley:

I am actually going to start a commercial thermogrpahy business and substantially reduce or eliminate home inspections. My left knee is going bad and some day soon will not able to crawl around very much. :twisted: I have 10 years commercial inspection experience, so I know that it will be easier on my poor knee. :frowning:

As far as marketing to commercial facility execs is concerned, that is very tough. I have an established account base from years ago to get me going.

Another idea…

If you are using your IR camera to conduct energy surveys or just insulation scans, you might want to consider reaching out to organizations or non-profits that are in the energy conservation business.

One example for me is CCAN (Chesapeake Climate Action Group). They are a non-profit group that is dedicated to fighting global warming by educating consumers about energy conservation. I contacted the communications director and offered a FREE Home Energy Tune-uP with ITI Scan to one of their members. They had a drawing, and I did the survey for the winner.

Since I did that survey, I have received five other leads or referrals from CCAN. I booked four out of the five leads!!

Here is an example:

I booked this inspection yesterday for tomorrow morning at 9:00am. It turned out to be a Premium Home Energy Tune-uP (w/ ITI Energy Survey) and a full Home Inspection. (total = 803.00). Not bad for one inspection :slight_smile:

It works!!!


To be honest, about 7 of them were former clients and I gave then discounts. :wink:

Marketing, you know.