My new camera.

Well the UPS guy finally arrived and I got my new IR camera today. Had already taken John McKenna’s course in Atlanta and the ITC training course so guess what I did all day today???

Yes that’s right I was playing with my new camera. Wow I am going to love working with this thing. I had so much fun trying to see and understand what I was seeing. I lost track of time and almost forgot to pick up my girls from school. LMAO. Then took them home and we walked arounf together looking at the house. They were amazed.

Flir B-Cam SD :mrgreen:


Sounds like you just got bitten from the IR bug :slight_smile:


I just finished John’s course in Toronto and was going over some of the material and photo’s from the course to explain the ability of the camera to my wife so that she would be OK with me spending $5,000 on this thing. She looks at me and says why haven’t you ordered one yet think of the untapped market out there you are loosing on. I love my wife, by the way she said she gets to play with it first. Oh well!, enjoy your camera and may it be profitable for you.

It is already profitable. My wife told her friends about it at work and 3 of them want me to come over and check their houses. LOL now what should I charge them is the question???

$175/hr. 1 hr. minimum charge.

Thanks Linas.

No fair. I want one lol :slight_smile:

Good luck, take your time with it.

Sounds like fun guys…:slight_smile:

Just a suggestion…since they are your friends…

And you may be new at this…

I would not charge them a dime. I would trade them for testimonials that you can use in your marketing. This would help you achieve two goals: allow you to put to practice some of your newly learned skills (I recommend 3-6 months of weekly field experience before you go live) and you begin to build your marketing portfolio.

Not to mention your wife may show you some appreciation for taking care of her friends…

Smart man.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH It always comes back to the wife. LMAO. I had planned on doing them for free for friends for a while. I have made arrngements to do my wifes friends homes plus 4 neighbors and mine as well as 2 former clints who have become very good contacts as well as friends. The home sizes range froom 2130 SQ. FT up to 4860 SQ FT. I appreciate the insight Steve and thanks for the advice.

Tell them your fee, and ask them if they think it’s fair. Then tell them about your training, insurance, liability and overhead.
Compare your fee to the amount of possible repairs and savings they think they will get in return.
After the inspection, ask them was it worth it?
Then ask for referrals and smile, cause the cash will start to flow.