Don't BS me it works

I make IR work for me and I live in one of least populated areas in the State Of Oklahoma. I have no neighbors I live in the country because I don’t play well with neighbors.

I have stated this before but not many listen most try to separate IR from a home inspection and that is great if one lives in highly populated areas but from the git go I have included IR into a home inspection and perfected the outcome to increase my business and increase the price of my inspections to where I stay busy in these down turned housing markets and enjoy the income that follows.

It takes investment money, time, consistency, dedication, proper IR education and a medium priced IR camera to bring together what I have accomplished. I am 5 years into IR and am now harvesting my investment. I have never whined about how bad business is or complained about low ball prices I just find a way to overcome the negative in this business.

Example; I just received a call from a housing director wanting me to inspect 10 of his managed homes to start with and more to follow simply because a friend of his that I did a inspection for showed him my report with the IR images embedded in the report.

Did I grant a price break for the number of homes to inspect no I Increased the price by $100.00 over my standard price :shock::shock: and my proposal was excepted.:wink:

Also coming from a sparsely populated area, that is refreshing to hear. I plan on going the IR route for the same reasons. With a finite number of inspections out there, one has to rise above the others.

Need some help/advice I am here been through the low and high

where/ what training did you use for the IR ? I just got a camera and havent taken any courses yet. I think I am leaning towards a hands on course as there’s a lot to learn on the camera. I had no idea until I pulled out of the box and starting playing aorund with it. :slight_smile:

Mr. Jude,

If you purchased a FLIR camrea, they have online/video info about some cameras and how to operate them.

You’ve started backwards.

Flir or Snell for Training

I did the same as you when I started I bought a camera before my class but my learning curve is not what it used to be I needed the camera in my hand to understand what the instructor was talking about. You might learn a lesson with this next statement. I bought 3 cameras before I was satisfied and now I want another one.

What most don’t understand about IR is how in depth they wish to pursue IR in general some are satisfied with just a basic low resolution camera and residential use. Some of us got bit by the IR bug and decided commercial should be included in our business plan which requires higher education.

I used ITC for my first two classes and Infraspection Institute for my third class. Knowing what I know now I would recommend Infraspection for total training. Infraspection has distant learning but I prefer class room interaction the cost is more due to travel and hotels but to each his own

Mr Jude; Jeff Moore is a sleeper he does not talk much but believe you me he is as good as they come with a IR camera I have seen his work and you can take what he says to the bank:D

Which imager are you looking at for your next purchase Charley?

I gotta have that 640:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Oh no, does this mean it’s time I get a new camera?! (Charley and I have bought the same cameras at the same time frame all these years! )

Let me know when it’s time so I can stash some cash Charley! :wink:

Chuck is trying to keep up with us too, he just started a little later… 320, 360,400…

Charley the only difference between the 640 and 620 is the eye piece. I am actually not sure what FLIR charges for the 640, the 620 is just as amazing. I had a 620 for a week in Feb, it is really an amazing camera.


Yes I have seen some images they produce and it blows me away I will wait just a bit and let the price settle I am not exactly without a camera.
Starting out to be an assume spring getting ready to bid a 600K roof scan in Arkansas and have 7 other bids out now with one being a aerial

I use a low end camera flir i3 and my customer love that i use it in every inspection. Its a pretty good marketing tool, my clients often ask me why the guy who inspected their house before never used one. I always reply for the same reason some family doctors still tap your knee with a mallet and others send you for x-rays. A home inspector is like your family doctor, wouldnt you want him to use the latest tools BEFORE he sends you to the surgeon?

I place very little trust in a 60X60 resolution camera I understand one starts with what you can afford just be careful what you proclaim to find and stay away from electrical its very easy to get in a bind.

My doctor still taps on my knees and elbows to check reflexes. No xrays needed, but you guys have socialized medicine up there. That’s why they take xray$$$$$$

LMAO so right you got me there!

I started with an EX320 back in 2007 and got a ton of mileage out of it. I’ve been lusting after a 640x320 imager for a while, but settled on a T400 to tide me over (I miss my manual focus). I think I will take a hard look at Testo also when it’s time for my next upgrade, maybe even a megapixel for the next iteration.

Hey Charlie - Quit blowing smoke. You know that there is no money in residential thermal imaging. I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy one, especially in the Houston market.

So what is your average…
and how much have you increased?