Customizing Inspection agreement

Can you customize the Inspection agreement, in the file the blank areas? For example: I always put a JOB Id # on my contract to correspond with my job id. However I would like to put a fill the blank box so that I can always change with each agreement. Thank you

We customized ours as needed. We sent a copy to our insurance providers.

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Very smart to do what Junior does.

If you customize, and it is different than what one gave to the insurance provider, I’m not sure that they would have to cover you in case of an incident.

Something to think about… :smile:

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I know we can customize it. But can we add a file in the blank box?

If you’re talking just for a job#, I would think that should be ok. You could do up a copy to bring/send to your insurance provider, or ask them before hand. Insurance companies are all different and I can’t speak for what yours will accept/require.

Thank you for your assistance. However, I am talking about customizing the agreement itself. Can a fill in blank be added to the agreement. Not whether it is okay with the insurance company.

We have fill in the blanks for clients personal information, inspection address/date, fees, report disclosure, client and inspector initials, date, and client and inspector signatures.

If we needed to add anything else, we would and then update our insurance provider with the new information.

Yes. Use a bunch of underlines _ in a row and it will interpret it as a fill in the blank as it does with the client name etc that gets highlighted yellow when you are creating the agreement.

Job ID: ________

You can always send one to yourself to see what it looks like and edit until you are content.

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Is that what he’s asking? Would be easier to ask how to add a fill-in-the-blank if that’s the case! Sounded like he’s asking if it was okay to do so.

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Thank you for your help. maybe wrong choice of words for a Home Inspector. will try what Aron wrote. Thank you everyone.


If it’s just how to add the blank, just use shift underscore.


What file format is your agreement? If it is PDF, you can modify it. You have my phone number. Feel free to call me. I’ll help you with it.