Cut Trusses

Every truss on this home was cut. Ooops I think someone ordered the wrong trusses.


and, didn’t even try to fix it with a sister-board. :roll:

How old is the house?

the home is 10 years old.

I should also note the house is a straight gabled roof. I was unable to walk the roof so I don’t know if there is any deflection.

Any indication as to why they were cut?

My guess, as a past framer, is that the trusses were not right and the tail ends were not sitting on the exterior walls correctly so they modified them. I never framed with any trusses until I built my garage. Now I know why.

Modifications or repairs to trusses can not be made without the knowledge of the manufacturer. Here in Ontario one needs an Engineer or the manufacturers approval for any and all modifications or repairs.

Trust me, I recommended they have a truss engineer certify them as being correct.

It looks like they were cut to accept , what appears to be , an LVL beam.
But why???
It would be an interesting thing to investigate.
Whatever it is ,it is wrong if not approved by an engineer obviously.

No LVL’s in this house.

I will keep you all posted on what the engineer says. If my clients get a second opinion.

I am surprised that they were still standing.

Can’t imagine situation where cuts like those pictured wouldn’t have had at minimum a repair for cut and supp. plan by eng. noted.

I’ve had to mod gable ends (very little bearing in comparison) and had daughters nailed to at 4" oc thru out run…

I think if I ordered trusses that short or long… I’d have ended up ordering new ones.

Mike can prolly elaborate, but I always pull tape @ forms to make certain trusses are going to be dead nuts as there is not much fudge room when my trusses land on the plates.

Another question I had noticed with blocking… 15-20 years back, many codes and manu’s required blocking at plates, but not at ridge. Nowadays, part of your perimeter nailing is going to be at ridge as well.

Ever since a job that I went and helped a fellow contractor on I try to check where trusses land on plates more. About 10 years ago, I was asked for help to roll some trusses out and started pulling my tape and marking for layout. Some of the foundation was off 6 - 8" from what trusses were… what a mess. They just wanted to split the difference and let the bottom chords land where they may. I said “you do it” :slight_smile: The majority of the foundation flaws were at far left and right ends. I called truss manu out and they made trusses trusses to accomodate the foundation overights and marked them a - z 1,2,3 … very nice. I think it was only 5-6K to fix. Was a small 6K single story with 2500 ft attached garage, small part of big pic to fix.

Haven’t rolled trusses in a season or so now, kinda miss it. Shear blocks and opposing ridge blocks for ridge vents… fun. Most of the manufacturers supply all your framing for hips pre cut now too… sure takes the fun out of it.