Cuttler Hammer Minis in a GE panel

Do you electrical gurus know if these are allowed? Panel states GE only. I am referring to the Cutler hammer minis!!


266614 096 (Small).JPG

266614 096 (Small).JPG

266614 095 (Small).JPG

266614 097 (Small).JPG

These are tandems, not half sizes, but I know what you mean.
Seen it done, and in this very particular panel as well – 100A GE 20/20
Not only are CH tandems are not allowed in there, NO tandems are allowed in 20/20 panels, since 20/20 means 20 full size spaces, 20 breakers, hence 1 full size breaker per space.
I would call it out.

…That is your answer.

I agree. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was pretty sure but I did not know if some are interchangeable.

Notice the City signed off on the panel, another violation free home!!

Eaton Cutler Hammer does make CLASSIFIED breakers for use in other panels.

You would need the info from the tandem breaker to look it up.

Helpful video here:

Larson is correct. I did my own homework a while back. GE has and only makes breakers for GE. NO other panel was purchesed that now holds their name.
Eton is another story.

What is listed on the panel is what was tested and approved by the UL. Anything else should be called out.


Watch the video I posted.

Easton/Cutler Hammer has CLASSIFIED breakers tested for specific panel manufacturers.

I stand corrected. If the UL is listing classified breakers after testing them as a part of load system in other manufacturers panels then they are good to go. Both the Eaton and Cutler Hammer brands of classified breakers will have the word classified on the front of the breaker so they should be easy to identify versus non-classified types.

Eaton replacement cut sheet:

Yet Square D still claims that this is a no go.

Thanks for the correction Mike.