Dade, Broward, Palm beach Inspectors

I am interested in hiring folks to work under me in all 3 counties.

I need licensed Home Inspectors, Ir guys, Termite guys, Sewer guys and pool guys, Engineers and Architects.

I am also interested in talking to any licensed contractors from all trades if you are one or know top notch ones. Roofers, Plumbers, A/C, Electrical Etc…

If you know any of these folks or are one please send me a private email to I will be expanding both my G.C. Services and inspectionservices and am looking for the best of the best in every field.

I will keep all of our business personal and confidential and am seeking mutually beneficial relationships for you, them and I.

You will not likely find anyone that I have ever done business with say I am not honest and a straight shooter. I will do what I say when I say it and will pay the agreed amount at the agreed upon time.

If you have some extra time to fill and want to make a few more bucks please contact me.

I am also applying to be a B.N.I. member and that should also open quite a few doors.

Lets all make some more money :slight_smile:

I would double check with you being able to hire Engineers and Architects. I dont think you are allowed.

Why? I should be able to hire anyone I want?

What if I was building something?

If you are building something and YOU are the client then yes you can hire them otherwise the owner/client needs to have the contract with them.

Why could I not hire an architect or engineer to do inspections for me?

Sorry I misunderstood. They can do inspections under you. Design work no

Won’t work…where does the unbiased information come from? Do you think a licensed roofer is going to inspect a roof without wanting to fix it?

So how much do you think a structural engineer would cost?

You apparently reada book, it got you all fired up and now you will try to start a business you don’t fully grasp yourself? Does that make sense?

Lets take it a step further. Why hire you? Why not just call these guys myself and cut you out?

With your concept who is your target audience? Let me guess “buyers”, in this situation, they better be high end buyers. So now how do you reach out to them? One fo two ways, a large amount of direct mailers which will cost thousands, TV ads which will cost thousands. Now lets look at the Miami big boy and big money spenders. Most of them are from another country! So all your ads will provide a 0% ROI.

So now that leaves you the Realtors and Lawyers and they LOVE contractors giving bids…NOT, because it takes all the unbiased information away. Your roofer will start saying "Man your roof is crap, although it looks ok, its not leaking and could possible last a while, I wouldn’t trust it. But for $18,000 I can make it right…

Think before you leap…it’s alot more than you think. Does your insurance cover these “professional” contractors? Think of your liability when a mistake happens it will all fall on your lap, because they “work” for you…

Just my 2 cents…

I appreciate your 2 cents and am brainstorming at this moment.

I’ll figure out something that works and makes all parties happy eventually :slight_smile:

At least that is the plan.

The book was good but I have been tossing this particular idea around for some time now.

Think long and hard…and be willing to give up that family time you love so much (rightfully so), that will be gone. People who pay thousands for inspections don’t want to hear…sorry my little girl is going surfing I can’t make it.

I understand your strong belief in having a strong family and I agree with it. But all things take sacrifice.


Look up Home Team in Broward. They use this type of model. I do not know what they charge. I do know that a lot of realtors like them because they are done in an hour. I also know a lot of buyers and sellers do not like them because they are out looking for work.