Florida InterNACHI eNewsletter, February 29, 2012.


Do not even get me started. Now HI’s should be able to hire folks just like contractors. If you want the privileges of Contractors then earn the friggin license.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

It sure as hell has not been earned :frowning:

never happen

I am not a GC and only a lowly HI and I will not support this either. I won’t support it not because HI’s should not be able to employ those without licenses to conduct the inspections. I don’t support it because only licensed individuals, not employees of licensed individuals should be conducting insurance inspections.

The inequality between licenses and catagorically predjudiced selection of which licensees hold a higher designation of qualification than those of ours needs to come to an end. Contractors, engineers, code officials and architects lack the expertise unless specially trained, that seasoned home inspectors possess.

Only licensed individuals properly trained and recognized by state licensing should be authorized to conduct these inspections. No one should be signing these forms off for unlicensed inspectors. That includes all DBPR license catagories.

Good point Brian. So you would rather them have an unfair advantage? You would rather that happen? It will never be they can not have employees NOT do them. So now facing that, what would your opinion be?

I have an idea.

Do what you have earned the right to do.

Do not try to compare apples to oranges.

Division 1 General Contractors have a MUCH different level of experience akin to Engineers and Architects. Home inspectors do not have anywhere near the experience requirements and therefor have not earned the same rights.

If you want the rights get the license :slight_smile:
Simple Enough.

You wanted the fight take it up, two wrongs don’t make a right. Only licensed personnell should be able to sign the form. Not sign off on it. I have no interest in unfair advantages I want to eliminate them. It is wrong that an enginneer, architect, contractor or code officer can sign off on an employee and not conduct the inspection personnally. The act of creating a case where the home inspector in the operation of his firm can sign off on an unlicensed inspectors actions while not under direct supervision (in view) under his employ is wrong too.

I do not support this.

I agree completely even though that is not the best for me :slight_smile:

Honesty sucks :frowning:

You sheep should try it.

Wrong again, You amaze me. The license you hold has no bearing on the knowledge required to be even a fair inspector. Keep trying, in about 7 years you ought to be able to shine my shoes. Until then, you continue to get no respect. You don’t deserve it.

Sorry keep clicking those heals to get your license.

I have earned mine.
My title cannot be bought :slight_smile:

The majority of home inspectors have no where near the experience even of a RC Let alone a G.C :slight_smile:

Sorry if the truth hurts.

I am not the majority. I am what I am.

Brian you input matters and is well respected. Thanks for giving me another side to look at.

But you never answered the question I asked earlier. Should contractors be allowed to hire people and work under them and home inspectors be denied that same right? Do you think it is lawful that you cannot hire a person and take responsibility for their action as a business person?

Sometimes when faced with two evils you must pick the “less evil”…

That is what contractors have earned the right to do.

Home Inspectors have not.

That is what contractors are, the one in charge. The ones who the final responsibilty lie with.

Seems so simple. I am amazed you can’t grasp it.

At least I will say you are dedicated to home inspectors weather it is right or wrong. You are the right man to represent those with only a HI license for sure. Good Luck.

I see it as a greater evil Russell. We end up diluting the cost basis for the inspections. We should be argueing for the greater good, so many of the previous insurance inspections (in my estimate over 50%) are inaccurate, improper or fraudulous that it is obvious (to me) that it is soon to come that this move (toward only licensed) will be quick on the horizon. Patience is a virtue, I am waiting. In the mean time allowing addittional dilution to the market seems ill advised.

So an illegal trade practice should go overlooked and unpunished? Where does it stop? Patience? Patience for what? I think the HUGE misconception here is that “things just happen”. Since you have awesome patience, what were you actively doing to make this strong belief you have into a reality?

I do not see it as a worse evil and I am not saying I am right, just how I see it. I am actually amazed that Home Inspectors see this as a bad thing. To be treated in a manner goes against federal law is beyond me.

I see where some can say this will dillute the quality. I do not see it that way. I see it as right now there are organizations crapping their pants this was put in at the last minute and wondering how it was done! Its about equality! We had a much better chance of getting this then contractor not being able to hire people.

Once again in the absense of input decisions will be made. It is asked for time and again and no one wants to say anything, just complain and wait for someone else to do the work and then complain about that work.

The patience comment I love…a TON of people apparently have patience because the do nothing…

I agree. Increase training requirements and reporting standards… Remove adjusters from citizen’s list of approved inspectors

My patience has been learned I don’t like it, I have been beaten to submission. I have no concept that quality will be compromised by having HI’s oversee employees, given the fact that there are 5000+ HI’s I have an arguement with what the cost basis for the inspections might become given 5000 new employers.

Seriously? You have a contractor thinking of doing them for $50 HIMSELF! Your worried about it getting worse?

Yes, if home inspectors start hiring unlicensed. Yes!:roll:

He isn’t thinking about it, he already has. It was on his website.

$25.00 away from it as of Monday!:mrgreen:

And how has that affected business…mine is up!

The low priced inspectors will always be there. They always have. They are also the easiest to compete against and in reality are no competition whatsoever.

I am sure you have done inspections on brand new home Russell. Do you think the hiring of unlicensed individuals to perform work under the not so watchful eye of a contractor has worked well in the past?