Damaged cable assembly

I found this in an attic today. It’s difficult to say for sure, but I think it was the plumbers during the re-pipe of this home. . .

Yes. I also mentioned the insulation. . .


Good catch!

When you say I also mentioned the insluation are you pertaining to the vapor barrior being upside down or that the burned wire could of caused the insulation to catch a fire?

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Where there water pipes in the area of the burned wire?

Nice catch as usually.

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The insulation was upside down, which is potentially hazardous with this type, due to the fact that it’s very flammable (it even says so on the paper facing).

I didn’t mention the two conditions as a “recipe for disaster.” Each has it’s own place and neither has anything to do with the other.

The copper piping was near this cable, and there were other burn marks throughout the attic. . .

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There’s a pun here somewhere, but I’m not going there.

It might be noted that this may be the best way to install insulation somewhere that has a longer A/C season than heat.
Where is the “warm moist air” most of the time? That is the side you want the vapor barrier on.

…either way, if there’s enough of a condensation problem, maybe it’ll be too wet to burn.

Moist air? Not much moisture going on here in CA Greg :wink:


I just wired a 6,000 sq ft house with a bunch of “Rag-TAG” plumbers doing the plumbing work…found (2) wires damaged from them soldering pipes so I had my helpers go over the entire house…where plumbing is concerned…paranoid…YEP…I removed all the damaged wire and sent the BILL to the plumbers…we will see if they PAY…I know the builder will pay…SOMEONES gonna pay…lol…and it AINT me…