Damaged shingles or to much tar

I looked at a 2-year-old manufactured house today. I saw these shingles on the house and just couldn’t decide if it was excessive granule loss or too much tar on the shingles or??? I’ve been trying for a long time to get back into this agent and need this to go well.

What are the thoughts on these? I really don’t want to call out I have somebody else look at it unless I absolutely have to.

Then don’t report anything, Cory…

Are you interested in pleasing the agent or your client? Just report what you see and everything will work itself out


^^^^^ This.

FYI, they don’t put “tar” on top of the minerals or granules. You are looking at granule loss. Could be caused by many factors, such as foot traffic, mechanical abrasion, tree limbs, manufacturers defects, or wind scouring.

Watch this 2 minute clip from Certainteed on shingle manufacture

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Micheal Parker, I’m just trying to be right, I don’t want to call out a nothing item, but also don’t want to ignore an item to protect a sale. I HATE giving wrong information

How old is the roof. Are trees close by. If it looks worn out it probably is. Its not the end of the world. Im in Florida and asphalt shingles are only good up to 15 years ( insurance companies, ugh) I see gutters filled with granules, if they were even installed. If it doesn’t look right report it and advise a professional to come back and say if its ok or not. If it’s near the end of its life let the client know. If it appears to older but no signs of water intrusion tell them to plan on budgeting for a new roof in the future but its working right now.

You could literally say that about almost anything, even without looking at it.

Even the “50 year” shingles?

We usually see two types - 3-tab flat strip 15 yrs
GAF Timberline architectural shingles 20 yrs
Seldom I will not see deterioration after just 10-12

Looks like a manufacturing quality control issue.

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In not saying they are only good for 15 years. But I have seen on numerous occasions where insurance companies will not cover you and force you to replace the roof if it is over 15 and guaranteed to drop coverage at the 20 year mark. The condition isn’t a consideration at that point. Nobody would put on 50 year shingles, at that cost you might as well put on a metal roof. In my area builders put on shingles because its less expensive, and homeowners put on metal roofs because its less expensive over time.

I agree with Robert, The missing granules are on the recessed part of the shingle and not on the upper parts of the shingle.

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No such thing in these parts…

Morning, Dominic. Hope this post finds you well.

Maybe not in your neck of the woods, but not uncommon.
Dimensional asphalt shingles , a more durable product, come with a 50 - year warranty .
There are 3 grades of composition shingles. Good - Better - Best. Best grade offer a 50 year warranty. Remember, when installed to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Keep well.

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My comment is based on the life span of such products in our area ( and I’m sure in neighboring States with similar climatic conditions). They simply don’t last half that long, on a good day.

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Not true for architectural shingles.
True for 3 tab.

The shingle damage the OP posted wouldn’t be a big deal for me.