Severe wear and tear on roof??

I called out a roof today as having significant wear and tear. When I was first getting onto the roof, I observed granules about an inch deep in the gutters. I checked several gutters and this was the case all over. There were a few spots of hail damage (nothing serious), and no obvious curling or cracking. There was just a lot of asphalt showing through on many of the shingles. On some I’d say 20% of the shingles were black asphalt rather than tan shingles. I told the buyer that an insurance adjuster should look at it.

The realtor threw a fit. He had bought the house out of a foreclosure to turn for a profit and this was going to eat into his profit.

My question is this. From my description, how would you have written up the roof?

I can’t post pictures right now, but can later if needed.


If the shingle base is showing that much, I would call it as "Shingles appear to be nearing the end of the manufacturer’s lifespan."

At times they want to shoot the messenger.!!


The roof covering needs to be replaced.

I agree but is that Mike’s picture or one of yours??

Its mine, I’m agreeing with him, if there is nearly as much mineral lose as my picture, there is no sense in himmin-and-hawwwin…Replace it.

I agree, it’s a very easy call with the roof you are showing.:slight_smile:

I agree, since he doesn’t have a picture I thought I would take some of the boredom out of the guesses…:cool: