Days off

Doe’s anyone dedicate the weekends or a day or two off a week? I feel like I haven’t had a day off in years. It’s really starting to burn me out but I feel like I’m going to lose business.

As a business owner, days off should be booked just like an inspection. Yes, burnout can occur. You are working for? Money? Prestige? Ego? Retirement? Family? What? The answer to that question will answer a lot of other questions.

I haven’t had a day off since the 1980’s.

I have been considering hiring an inspector or maybe just a radon person. But then you have to go though all the trainings, finding the right person and fare of it not working out.

Days off means no income. I take jobs as much as I can.

I’m inspecting a 4 plex tomorrow then a duplex after that. That’s how I’m spending my Saturday. :mrgreen:

Looks to me like you should raise your prices work less and still make the same money .

I’m working so hard because I have one in college and another one in college in two years. Also, I want to buy a new house. I am pretty stressed right now.

I have two kids. As much as I need to support them, I also need to spend time with them. They won’t be this age forever.

Exactly. There is more to life than work. Enjoy your family!

Don’t work yourself to death!

Get rid of all the useless 90 Day Thingies and that should increase your profits by 10%! :roll:

I take a 4 day weekend down at the Jersey shore during the summer. Leaving in about 1 hour to go skiing in New Hampshire. Coming back Wednesday night. Lost 3 inspections because they couldn’t wait until Thursday.

Don’t sweat it man, you gotta take some time for yourself (and family) otherwise whats the point.

My customers love the warranties. I average around 50-60 inspections every month on my own and its starting to burn me out.

Seems to me you already know you need to change things.
How you go about that can be complicated or simple.

I almost never work Sundays.
I also like to travel and do so several times a year.
Sure I lose some fees doing so, but unless I’m enjoying
my life there is indeed very little point.

Even with time taken off I make a great living and put money away as well.

Just take the time off and enjoy yourself you cheapass polock.
You could drop dead tomorrow with a pocket full of money.
Dingleberry won’t miss a few bucks if you take off.

Every weekend

There’s a cost to hiring a guy for sure, so choose wisely.

We do not inspect on Sundays