Seminars or Meetings in South Florida

Hi guys; would like to know if there are any seminars or meetings during the week of March 11th to the 18th. Juan and I will be there and would like to attend. Please let me know
Thank you;


This is the second time I have seen folsks ask a question like this.

Does it allow you write it off as business or something?

Unless there is some type of benefit financially why on earth would you piss away vacation time being involved with work stuff.

If on vacation enjoy vacation do not even think about work.

Please be honest, as I must know. It must be some way to save money or write stuff off. Why else would a couple different folks ask about what is going on in this area when they are coming here on vacation.

If you do not wish to be honest here feel free to send me a PM or email I would love to know why and will keep the info to myself.

Write off is the key Mike…why else?

That is what I figured but was not sure.

I don’t think people from Puerto Rico pay federal taxes.

You don’t need to go to a convention to get a write off.
Wear a company shirt and talk to someone about an inspection wherever you go. “Advertising”! :mrgreen:

I have just noticed the trend every time someone is coming here for something fun they want to screw it up for some asinine reason .

How do you mean? I spend 15 minutes talking to someone and now, the whole trip is a deduction. I may even give them a free hat…if they buy me a TQ! :slight_smile:

Glad for you. Not being sarcastic.

I would rather not have to bull**** the system and just enjoy the vacation.

I do understand doing whatever you can to save a buck. I just think it sucks that it works and we have to do it. It is definitely taking advantage of the intended use but hey you got to play by the rules to you benefit whenever possible :slight_smile:

I no dow whenever I can.

I just wish I did not have to bother with such silly crap.

I just miss the good ole days of not having to give a crap and spreading the wealth at will.

Since these people want to spend their time in a way other than you would spend it, you say they are bad? I don’t recall the opening post even saying they were on Vacation. You are assuming that.
You really need to get back to work.

Mary, Although we dont have any meetings planned, give us a call and you can always come over to see our operation. 561-420-0277

I never said they are bad. It is just a shame to have to bother doing work stuff during a LIKELY vacation.


You think it seems like a long time to you, how the hell do you think I feel?

Dec 11th was the injury. Damn long time to go without income :frowning:
Good thing I have a family that was successful in the good ole days and they can help me out.

The foot/knee/ankle is a long way to go as far as recovery goes. It especially sucks when it happens un-expectantly! I have been fortunate that all of my surgeries could be “scheduled”, with the exception of the 2010 knee surgery.

Get well!

It does truly suck.

I did not even think I would have to do rehab as I have never been injured like this before.
That was a rude awakening when someone mentioned it and I decided to see how different the range of movement was in the 2 feet.

You have heard the term Jail house lawyer
After all the Damn Judge shows I am going to be just a house judge.

Rehab is crucial to recovery. I am doing things now, my pt is a runner and we actually ran together in the A1A half marathon 2 weeks ago, that I never imagined. Since my wife works there, I suspect she had a hand in this torture I must endure, while claiming to not know any of the pts!

It will take a year at least to get your foot back to the way it was.

Great thanks for the shi tty news :slight_smile:

I just hope I can get back to walking and wearing shoes so i can crawl attics until I find another way to make a living. Gonna be a real price war when i can finally work because I will need every job available. I will likely be back in biz just around the time it is hot as hell again :frowning:

It’s really a shame that some people think that it is all for a tax write off. I am really ashamed of shearing my profession with people that think like you. As a matter of fact it’s because we would like to share and meet other inspectors and participate in any meeting or training seminar so we can grow in our profession. Yes we do pay in some instances federal taxes, but do you really thing all is a write off? You can piss yourself on a write off.

Preston thank you for the offer we will like to meet you when we are there.


I am sorry if I offended you as no offense was intended and I feel nothing is wrong with playing by the rules if it can help you financially. I was just wondering why that is all. Again sorry if I offended you by asking. Enjoy your stay here.

By the way thank you for the apology and it is accepted. I do understand you are injured. My husband Juan who also is an inspector has 2 hip replacements and know needs neck and shoulder surgery, but here inspectors we do help each other so clients are not lost and you do not suffer so much financially. Maybe you could find some partner that can help with your clients one inspects the other one writes or some how help each other. Hope you get better.
Thank you again for the apology;

I have been offered much help from many inspectors. I have asked that all please save for their own possible time of need. My Family is helping me during these tough times. Good luck and take care. I hope the hubby is doing well I hope i do not have that many issues. I am now looking for a job with benefits so in the future i will be protected.

I have been sending previous and new customers to a great guy I know and trust. He even breaks me off a piece whenever possible :slight_smile: Funny thing is is we are direct competitors but have always helped each other. I have given more of my direct competition help and advice than I can remember.