Sunday Work...anyone?

How many of us work Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays? Or do you just shut your phone off on Friday afternoon? Just curious.



I have had several booking made as late as 11PM, on any given night. Including Sunday. I worked New years day.
If I want time off I just tell people the time is booked

I flex my schedule to work with the client’s needs. If the client can only be in town over the weekend, then I will schedule it on the weekend. If they can be here during the week then I will schedule it then.

Now, I don’t work seven day weeks (very often). I’ve burned myself out in my previous career, and I won’t repeat that mistake here. So, if I work a weekend day, I will try to take some time during the week, or a long weekend later or whatever is most convenient to me.

BTW, I never turn the phone off. If I’m in the middle of something where I can’t take the call, or I’m in an area where I don’t have coverage, I will let it go to voice mail, but then I’ll call back asap. I try not to loose business by making it hard for someone to be a client. On the other hand, I’m not going to be a slave to my job either.

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I don’t work on Saturday (Friday night through Saturday night). Sabbath, you know.

I answer to a Higher Authority.

I also don’t charge more for Sunday. Some clinet’s like that. :mrgreen:

I charge $50 extra for Saturday’s and holidays. Certain holidays I would not work, like July 4th, to be with my family. I would not hesitate to work on Labor day, MLK’s birthday, etc. Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving are religious holidays and I would never work then. I would never consider working on the Lord’s day either (that’s Sunday for those of you in California). :wink:

I will accomodate my customer any way possible…24/7/365…I will perform inspections at night, but the client is informed that I only inspect the exterior during daylight hours, and a return trip to do so incurs additional charges…additional charge applies for Holidays (New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independance Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day). If I need time off, I schedule accordingly. The client does not want to hear “NO”…just say “YES”…but just on a different day. I find that most clients appreciate my flexibility. Many of my competitors are not flexible. Their loss, my gain! :smiley:
By the way…my phone is never off…except when the battery goes dead :frowning:

We schedule 7 days a week but only do inspection at 9am or 2pm. Sunday is only 12 noon. Holiday weekends we do inspections but not on the holiday. No inspection on birthdays.

Apparently there are Jewish people in at least two states: see post #6.

24/7, 365 days a year, 10 years a decade, including weekends, major holidays, and major sporting events.

Very few days off for me. I will schedule every day of the week if needed, no matter what the circumstances. If I’m looking to take a day off, I simply tell my client’s that that particular day is full and they pick an optional date.

Obviously, no one will book an inspection for christmas morning.

I’ve done several inspections on Christmas day, including Christmas morning. We have a lot of non-Christians here in San Diego, and they are grateful for someone like me who is willing to work with them. They usually are buying the larger homes, so the cost of the inspection usually is much higher. I find major holidays and sporting events to be very lucrative financially.

7 days for me. Last year I worked on Thanksgiving which got me out of dinner with the in laws. :slight_smile:

X-mas day! Non-christians simply have issues, if they can’t wait one day for an inspection.

Why wouldn’t a non-christian respect others and schedule their inspections accordingly? Of all the days to schedule inspections, they pick the most important day of the year (for the average American).


For the same reason Christians do not think of other persons religions.

Many have very important days that we tend to ignore.

Thats the beauty of our countries ,we are allowed to be a free thinker.

… Cookie
I have never worked Christmas , but many do , I am sure you would are glad the Police ,fire , or the corner store work on Christmas day.


Ditto for me I will rest when they place me in my coffin:shock:

365 days a year … no extra charges

I pretty much do M-F, and a Saturday if someone wants an inspection out on the island (only accessible by boat).

Weekends for me are time with the family. I doubt many people ever were on their death bed wishing they’d spent more time at work.

Try 3 and I bet there are more probably all 50

Here’s some good ol’ homegrown in case you’ve forgotten :wink: