Deck Issue

Potential Buyer loves the deck. It is one of the key selling points of the home.
Too bad the builder has cut some corners.

That is a Galvinized roofing nail in my hand. I was able to pull 2 of them out with my fingers. Every joist hanger is attatched with these nails.

Oops. :mrgreen: Good find.

I find about 85% of decks have many serious concerns .
Every body is and expert NOT! .
Builders are just about as bad as Home Owners .
Write hard talk soft miss nothing .

I cannot remember the last time I ‘did not’ find any issues with a deck.

It may be a little difficult to see but the joist is sliding out of the hanger. There were no nails in any of the joists.


Not difficult to see ! Put some load on that deck and see what happens ! ;):shock::shock:

Is that the ledger board attached with nails?

some nails, some bolts but neither hit the sill and the ledger was pulling away too

If that’s a roofing nail, it sure is a long one.

The tougher thing is the fix… you would be incorrect IMO in nailing TICO’s where the original roofing nails were, the fact that a hole is present prior to the installation of a TICO would diminish some of the fastener’s rating.

It may be that a different, but approved LUS/HUS or similar hanger should be used so as the proper fasteners can be nailed in place. A different, but approved hanger may have a different nail pattern and allow for the fasteners to be applied in a virgin surface.

Its an easy fix with screws.
Great point about decks.

As long as the screws used are rated as fastener for joist hangers. Most screws aren’t .

Good point Mr.Hann.
That is a good point. I do not even think of the other screws anymore I just look for what I have been using for many years now.

I just used some screws on some joist hangers that are rated for joist hangers.

Great product.