I see several issues with this Deck

Just curious what the Brethren see.
This Deck seems dangerous and wonder if would like to see how many defects they spot from pics.?

Pic 1, Nailed not lagged to the house
Pic 2, post is lifting or not in the ground right,
Pic 3 not sure
Pic 4 Cant recognise
Pic 5 Railing configuration, nailed on? Not fond of that type of setup, only works with screws, and the occasional 2x4

Check joist /beam connection I will add a different angle

Any comments on stairs?

Check posts (whole thing lifted easily)

Nice deck Bob;)

List of what I see.

Toe nailing missing @ joist hangers

Split joist

Knot hole at top of joist may exceed allowable limits

Ledger nailed with air gun instead of lags or bolts

No visible sign of ledger flashing

Framing lumber is of #2 framing grade in lieu of PT lumber

Post base broken and post unsecured

Risers appear to exceed 7-3/4" in height

Improper post to beam connection

Cantilever exceeds the 1 to 4 rule

Missing hangers at band joist

Beam splice not in center of post

Possible missing center stringer, dependant on width of stairs

No rail post on the railings and hand rails.

Hand rail not grippable.

Missing the 1" nosing overhang on the treads. Nails sticking out of rail and pulled away from wall.

Improper attatchment of stringers to deck connection.

Ok, how many did I miss?:mrgreen:

I don’t see a single guardrail post, just 2"X 4" stair handrail posts. Are there any guardrail posts?


Is it treated wood? Sure doesn’t look like it.

Good catch as all they did was shoot a couple screws through the end balusters.(started cracking when I applied horizontal pressure)
Never would have made 200 pounds pull.
I told my client not to have any deck parties just yet.

Wow can I paste into my report?
Good job Marcel!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

I missed a couple.
What do you mean by cantilever as this is free standing (especially with those nails at the ledger) hahaa ? (double ledger) (loks like they kept the old one which was bolted behind it)

Well, the third picture seemed to indicate the framing cantilevered over the last beam support, could not see as a whole. Might be wrong then on that one.

I do not believe it was Joe.
Lost that one in all the other issues.

Need to run on an after rush hour inspection but here is a over view.
Hope this Developer does not toss me out like the last one this morning.

Will tell that story later (met him last year)

I assume you mentioned the placement of the A/C condensing unit…

From one manufacturers tech manual…

https://www.acwholesalers.com/EasyEditor/assets/ssx14_tech.pdf (page 4)

I do not really feel there will be impeded air flow at the location however you do make me remember there is a vent opening for a future dryer nearby.

Who let you out of the city? :wink:

Was this in Lake County?

I was in Dapkus /Merino land

blocking… would have been required here to block at intervals, blocking over beams woulda been nice! Joists blocked and blocks nailed to beam or A35’s

we use lateral bracing here as well (knee or other)

Looks like YellaWood to me.

I can’t believe there is not a single rail post on that rail system. Too funny!! Those joists should be either toe nailed or strapped to the beams.