DECK-Legerboard and HRV Vent

Just wondering if anyone sees an issue with this ledgerboard, and hrv intake under my deck.


Reduce the size of your pictures, please…for easier help.


Sure!!! Hope this works! Thanks!

I also meant to include a brief overview:

Im looking for some in put on this deck extension Im currently working on, on my house.

The contractor had to add a ledgerboard. He cut a round hole in it for access my HRV intake and we built the deck over it. It appears that flashing and caulking was done properly (cut into tyvek, put flashing under and taped, as well as a plastic drip board, and caulked) however a concern I had was enough clearance for air flow to continue to be pulled into the HRV intake which is now under the deck. There’s 2 feet under the new addition where the intake is. The deck will NOT be closed off, and there’s a 4 foot clearance under the original deck which is now connected and all opened for air flow under and air flow going through all sides except for the side attached to the house

Im hoping snow drifts wont blow 8 feet under, and that I will be able to keep it clear of snow and ice, maybe even more so now that the new deck extension is covering it, it might actually protect it. Just want to make sure thats enough clearance for proper air flow and that it was flashed correctly.

Also, would it make sense for me to switch my HRV lines so that one is an output rather than input? Can that be done?

Any input is greatly appreciated



Only the missing joist hanger and that the joists should not have been layed out so close to the ledger bolts. Now you have poor joist hanger connections.**

Okay, thanks for your reply. How big of an issue is the joists being too close to the bolts? I mentioned it to the deck builder and he gave an explanation of it having to be that way because of how the required distance the joists were being spaced apart or something along those lines. I will bring it up to him again on Monday. Do you think theres any issue with the HRV input vent being under the deck? Theres 2ft of clearance and the deck is open on all 3 sides. I clean it frequently.

Thank you for the reply.

Whats the worst case scenario then? How serious of an issue is this? I think they’re spaced like that because of where the hrv vent was placed etc.