Deck stair securement

I inspected a deck, the deck had lag bolts securing the deck to the house. But the deck stairs did not and there was some movement of the stairs. Does deck stairs need to have lag bolts securing the stairs to the house?

Do you have a picture of the stringer connection to the deck?

Here are all of the pictures I have.
image image

I didn’t get the backside of the stringer.

I think it needs a mid span support post(s).
And a graspable hand rail.


No, not to the actual house but if there’s movement in the stairs theres another issue. Call out steps had movement or appeared loose when used and have a general contractor make neccessary repairs to better secure the steps. If they are longer than 10 feet a mid brace may be neccessary to install. Also the open risers, shouldnt have a space greater than 4"


What about the deck screws in the joist hanger?

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It looks like they bolted the ledger straight through the siding and I see no flashing at the top of the ledger. It will leak at the bolt holes, if that is the case.

And, that is a real problem. They will have vertical mulch (rotten) sheathing at some point.

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Awesome fellas. Thanks a lot for the feedback.

I don’t think there are enough bolts on the ledger.

See figure #19:

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Yes, the ledger board is not permitted to be attached to siding, period.

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I physically try to move the stairs and handrails.
As to the stringers attached to/at the rim joist. I would expect to see 6 off set lag bolts pattern at the very least.
Stair case looks weak.
No support posts for the hand rails.
The bottom steps should be secured to the concrete as well as the rim joist.
I concur with mid stair case support post and anti sway bracket/s.
The steps, tread ends and stringer require siding clearance to avoid mechanical damaging the siding.
Just my 2 cents.

I agree with Roy

what do they look like? Deck Solutions Sway Brace SB-16: Home Improvement.webarchive (8.3 MB)

2 min. video of above units:

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Thats what I was seeing. Hard to tell but looks like the ledger was on top of the siding. Definitely wasn’t done by a pro, or a competent one at least.

Regardless the stairs should be free standing at that point and not connected to the side of the structure.
I’d called those stairs out without hesitation.


Those don’t look like structural screws let alone joist hanger nails… :roll_eyes:

Good eye Michael! :smile:

Not a good sign of competency…with the ledger through the siding.

Plus, there is no flashing visible.

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Sorry, anti sway or [diagonal bracing]