Decorative Brick Inlay Protected?

This townhouse has some real issues with the brick and parapet flashing. However, my question is about the area above each window that has wire mesh. My guess is that this was a decorative brick inlay that drew birds nesting and they decided to put wire mesh to keep them out. However, if anyone knows any different, I would like to know. I put a distant and a close up shot. There is one above each of three windows on the side.


Was there plenum space? That was a common method of ventilation but usually the mesh is on the inside.

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There is no access to anything on the top level. The house was built in 1962.

It looks like ill-designed venting for a cavity wall, but there are brick-sized-and-colored louvered vents to keep rain and birds out that could have been fitted if it is cavity wall venting. Whatever it is, it’s really shoddy workmanship.

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Thank you both. It makes sense.