Deer Hunters look

Seen this on Facebook…:rofl:


Like shooting fish in a barrel.
I wonder if they’d walk right in, dress themselves and walk right into the oven if you left the door open?
I clean up after. Yep!

In Alberta, you have to keep the oven door closed! :smiley:

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This guy was in my Dad’s backyard yesterday.

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Is he stuffed with onions now? :smiley:

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I was browsing a youtube channel and saw this dee, born and raised in the wild with 35 points:

What a beautiful deer!

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Dad doesn’t hunt anymore… he still like to watch them.

My sister-in-law’s niece got this a couple weeks ago.


Good looking deer Dave, I mean nice deer. :grin:

Nice… bow, shotgun or rifle? :smile:

Not sure Larry… Dad sent me the photo… Her brother got this one this year too.

I guessing bows based on the gear. I think she is 16 and he is 14.

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Wow, look at those brow tines! :smile: