Who's got some inspection pics?

Hey guys, I’ve got an idea brewing I could use some help with. I am thinking of writing an ebook on home issues. Parts of it would be general info and parts on concerning issues/hazards. I’ve got quite a bit of my own pics but for the most part not much in terms of “unique” situations. If anyone has some pictures they are willing to send me I would appreciate it. Anything that could be considered interesting, unique, or hazardous. I don’t plan on selling information so I’m not looking to buy pics. If anyone has any ideas or pics they are willing to send me send me a message. Thanks

Go to a string I have posted many on it… Roy

Colton, you can use these for your new book: www.nachi.org/gallery

these are handier than a pocket on a shirt.

Every report I do has at least one in it.

Thanks again, InterNACHI!! :smiley:

Thanks Nick, I’ve been using these for inspection reports and inspection related articles. So there are no issues using these even though my topics aren’t directly related to home inspections?

All yours Colton.

From an actual inspection I did a number of years ago.
This photo is of the actual main breaker for a 100 year old plus house.

Electric .png

Here is a few…







A few more…



I have many more…

Man that guy used the whole roll of that great tape :smiley: It is quite handy to have around for a great many things. I have it on my list for next time I see it. I do not think it is at home depot at least not in the tape section.

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How’s the foot doing ?

Research these posts and threads to your heart content for defects.


Foots f’ed up as I imagine it will be forever. I am going to a horse vet soon for some high def x-rays. Then a specialist. The guy that worked on me from the start apparently butchered me after opening me 3 times. Now my first 3 toes on the foot and 1/2 way down on the bottom is numb most of the time and sometimes after a long day hurts so bad I have to remove my boot while driving and rub it a bit just to get some relief. The other day it felt like it was burning :frowning: Not looking forward to another hellish summer that is for sure :frowning: The whole rest of the Country is complaining about the cold and I still Sweat my balls off every day even today when it was fairly nice outside. I tell folks to open the hatch the night before I arrive and they rarely remember and when they do its in a house without a/c anyhow :frowning: I do not get why foolish builders insulate garages??? I guess just to ruin my day.

I am still trying to get in with the Major builder I have been working for a few months but they claim the gov will not help out the builders in Fl with any incentives like many other States do so nothing new breaking ground around here.

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Good stuff Roy - those about had me in tears! Finally stopped laughing enough to type! Thanks for posting.

LOL, Those are hilarious Roy! Problem is they’re not suppposed to be, ok it’s kind of sad now that I think about it…:D…some people…

If anyone has some pictures they are willing to send me I would appreciate it

Have fun with you book! :slight_smile:

Unbelievable! Those are some great pics. I have some scary pics myself. I will dig them out of the archive and post them.

It will be interesting to follow this thread and see what else gets posted. It is unreal the stuff one comes by.

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