Post Your Best Roof Defect Photos

Okay guys, in regards to the Best Defect Award, the Awards Committee has decided to break this down into sections. This will make it easier for us to manage and should create a little more interest as well. So, with that being said, the first group will be the roofing section defects.

Your best roof defect photos are needed. Post them here or send them to me. So, what have you guys got? Please only post one so we get more guys having a chance. Winner will receive a case of books from NACHI. So, let’s see those roof defects guys. Good luck.

Any other questions, send me a PM or contact any of the Awards Committee members. Thanks guys.

Here is nice example


Thanks Wayne.

After 14 months of work on an InterNACHI advanced roof inspection course I’m about to start shooting.
Please send your best roof defect photos one at a time as high res JPGs to

Feel free to call me any time for consultation on roofing questions.

Kenton, I just got your voicemail and left you one in return. I guess if you wanted to use them in your work, you could contact the one that took the photo, that’s really not up to the Awards Committee I wouldn’t think.

The contest is ran through the awards committee and is just something fun for us as members to play with and the winner gets a case of books. It will run every few weeks or once a month on different sections of the home inspection process.

Here is a defect I posted on the other thread.

That is a classic Kevin. Thanks.

Here’s my submission.

Guess they ran out of duct tape. :wink:

I have two best, so I guess I’ll leave this one:

I have sooooo many were to start…with over 10k roof inspections completed I sure I can come up with a few…hummmm however we are in the middle of moving so when I gem my office back up ill look for a few good ones…

Can you say “Chalk line”?

Tar in the valley. Check
Tar on most of the roof. Check
Lined up shingle tabs (upper roof). Check
Gutter pitched back toward the roof. Check
Missing endcap on gutter. Check
Downspout extension. Check
Fixed the leak. Not On Your Life
(Owner said her husband has been chasing the leak in the roof for 20 years and could never find it)

Thanks guys, just a few more and we can get this one started. Looking good, or bad as the case may be, so far.

Here’s a flat one from last week.

I thought that was your favorite fishing hole for a moment there Marcel. Thanks.

How much longer will my roof last?

Do you believe in the afterlife. LOL

Nice top of the line dimensional architectural shingles. :p:shock::cool:

There used to be a color called Weathered Wood.

Not much, nice pic.