Slide show

I’m doing a small seminar with about 50 home sellers in ten days and was wandering if anyone had a slide show presentation I could use mostly about prelisting inspections.


Thanks Bob, I had not seen that yet. Wacthed one of them and it is very good. :slight_smile:

Slide show? wow that’s is so 80’s power point is the way to go.

Jeff, I didn’t know what a computer was in the 80’s. :mrgreen:

DOS system, punch card, maybe a 5-1/2" floppy disc. unit would take up a 10’0" x 10’0" room.

Ah! Punch Card, I remember that in school in the 60’s. Didn’t know what I was punching, but it was fun. :):wink:

Hey, I still use my Sony Mactiva camera with a floppy drive. Young home buyers think that it is an antique. (Like me). Difference in generations.

That’s because it is.

I used to have one.

It was great for it’s time.

I now use a 6 Mp Kodak cheapy that works great for inspections.

If I need a better long shot photo I use my Canon with 12X optical zoom.

You can be on the ground and it’s like standing on top of the roof.

Went to University of Florida between 1977-1981 – My computer class consisted of taking Fortran to write engineering programs. The main computer was located in the basement of the Nuclear Engineering bldg, and was as big as a 30 cy dumpster. There were monitors and keypads located in three or four location throughout the campus, ---- maybe a total of 25 terminals that were tied into the main brain computer. We would wait in line for hours to type in our Fortran language at the terminal, then we would have to hike across campus to the third floor of Weil Hall (next to Florida Field - The Swamp) and wait for the printout. If the program was incorrect, it was back to the start again. This normally took place in the wee hours of the morning, it looked like an airport with people camped out waiting for their flight — those were the days of the big IBM — if we had only known. Then came Apples PC and Pac Man - never did graduate from Engineering.