Defendants include the state, county, title and engineering and real estate co's ++

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four streets were built on top of mine waste rock causing extreme sinkage to home foundations, cracked walls. clogged sewer lines, health problems etc

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“We also observed reputable engineers’ design solutions that did NOT alleviate the settlement and-or lateral pressure problems”

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Checking for deed covenants & restrictions, prior mining operations, and the presence of karst formations are critical steps for a proper engineering assessment. Northern NJ is littered with abandoned mines. I get about half a dozen calls a year for annual assessments on properties near abandoned mines, all from law firms that were hired decades ago to make sure developments remain safe and receive their annual assessments.

Regarding the article, due diligence includes checking government databases and other reliable sources for the existence of mining operations. The process for checking runs something like this: retrieve and review state and federal database reports, retrieve and review insurance map database reports, retrieve and review deed abstracts and covenants, review historic aerial photography, review historic topographic maps, review readily accessible federal, state, and local historical information on mining operations.

Anything less than that does not meet the standard for due diligence.

And I’m still right regarding OSHA trenching requirements.

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so Mister T, engineers can and do screw up, correct? I’ll answer for ya, YES they do!

Engineers-- A question of ethics

…an engineering firm is retained, the draft report is forwarded to senior engineer, the senior engineer has NOT personally inspected the damaged property and performs a substantial rewrite of the report, removing or significantly altering many of the original engineer’s observations and conclusions…

…in one instance the original engineer reported that sand deposits and other obstructions prevented him from examining whether the structures foundation had collapsed, the senior engineer replaces this language with, ‘no evidence of damage to the foundation components was observed’.

In another place the contract engineer noted he was unable to inspect a crawl space due to debris, the senior engineer replaces this text with a paragraph containing a comprehensive description of observations made within the crawl space finding that the observed structural damage was not caused by the storm but rather long term differential movement of supporting soils — the senior engineer emails the redlined report back to the original engineer/drafter with a note chastising the engineer and instructing the engineer to finalize it and resubmit it for issuance – the engineer complies and the new report is submitted to the insurance company which uses the report as it’s basis to DENY the policyholders claim…

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