I think this post proves Nick’s point, not yours.

This guy did an inspection for a buyer…and got nailed by a follow-up inspection which can happen to you, tomorrow, with any house you have inspected for a buyer.

How is does it open you up to MORE liability to do a home inspection for a seller under MIC?

No doubt, a third inspector can follow the second and make them both look like slobbering idiots, if he wanted to.

He didn’t say it was impossible, you have to convince him that it is possible. Convincing him is the impossible part.:wink:

If you are going to delete your post, then I wont read it - so there.

Oh Yeah i have a program that un deletes lol

It was a good one to :slight_smile:

I do that all the time…love that delete feature…haha

How can I delete my response?:wink:

Here is a thought is it really deleted? Or is it in White Type ? This Billy is a slippery fellow .

Hint… If you quote a message, the white type will show up. :wink:

too late, I already read it.:wink:

OMG Jeff. That was to funny. You guys read Jeff’s invisible post. It’s hilarious.