Hot PIC: Attorney Joe Ferry visited me at my shop today,



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Does he take cases where a seller makes up a bunch of stuff because the seller walked away from the sale? The seller posted crap on Facebook and called both the sellers agent and buyers agent that I did things during the inspection that I did not. They did this a month after the inspection. If I really did something wrong I think they would contact us all way before a month.

This is what they posted on my business Facebook page.

On another thread, some would say that a body cam would settle that when you sue the basterd. And it might.
I have definitely been lucky in my long career. I’ve some similar bogus complaints but they never posted them on any website, but then I don’t have a Facebook page for anyone to easily post a complaint.


William Jones, Wow man … sounds like you really did a number on that one. Way to leave your mark man. I’ve read it 3 times now and can’t stop laughing.

Yeah some people in this world are a certain kind of crazy.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Nick does have this defermation thing going somewhere on the InterNACHI forum that you could get him to sign for slandering your good name.

I got a million things going on or I’d take time to help you find it.

Wishing you and yours the very best.
Stay safe man.

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Found it: How a Home Inspector Can Stop Defamation - InterNACHI®


Thank you Nick, but that letter would only be good for my direct client, this was from the seller of the home, which got mad at me when the sale fell through because the seller refused to fix anything the buyer asked for. So maybe they tried to fix stuff themselves and messed things up and then decided to blame me a month later.

I’m going to contact an attorney and see if they can draft up a letter.

I wouldn’t waste your time, you are likely swatting a hornets nest anyway.

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Why, this person told the listing and the buyers agents these lies, word gets around and I will not get referrals from 2 agencies. This person was not my client it was the seller doing this on purpose because my report killed the sale of the house.

This can spread like cancer and these lies could ruin my reputation and business.

Maybe I’m overeacting but when these things get onto the Internet they spread like a wildfire.

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Seller is in an even more precarious position in libeling you as the seller isn’t even your client, yet shoots his mouth off about you. I’d send that letter I linked to.

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None of what you just stated will likely change even if you hire an attorney. It may even get worse, if they feel you are trying to silence them. It’s just the way things work, unfortunately.

Nothing wrong with sending a letter. At least it puts them on notice on what they are posting and may have consequences in doing so.

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I understand this sentiment. But to extend the analogy, it depends on what you swat the hornet’s nest with. Thump it with a thin stick, and you have a swarm. Swat it with a flame thrower and it’s gone, but you’ve scorched all around it. Douse it with bug spray is good. Bag it in the middle of the night works, too.
So how does this exercise in bad analogy apply? It’s subjective, but I think Nick’s recommendation is the one I would start with. Nick has more experience with this stuff than any ten of us combined.

My Dad pulled that off with a large hornets nest last summer.