Democrats Enacting Gun Control - I Told You So..!

:mrgreen: Tool box empty?

Probably not going to happen. After all, Mr. McKenna is a moderator you know…:shock:

I would do it, IF I KNEW HOW!!!:twisted:

I am not a moderator, but it sounds like some want to act like one.


Moderators : 15

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Are you sure?

This is the listing of moderators that I see posted on each non-member Forums and threads;

fcarrio](, fmagdefrau](, jmckenna1](, jvogan](, iniquette](, mlarson](, wwilson3](, bjones5](, rmaday](, sgilligan1](, lkage](, rromoser](, mkyriacou](, jramos](, gbeaumont](

oh snap!!!

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Brian, I don’t know where you find that crap…but it is PRICELESS!!!

As a hush falls over the McKenna crowd!!!

I hope you guys aren’t including me in this BS. I didn’t start the thread but as a gun owners advocate I felt is was worth researching it, that’s all.

Also, Brain and Steve, if you don’t like the thread either report it to the moderator or shut the f*ck up and move on.

News to me… LOL.

Dearest Peter this thread is what is wrong with the message board.

This political CRAP DOES NOT BELONG HERE.:twisted:
And as a Liberal gun owner myself, I believe I will go to the range today and LIBERALY fill a couple of targets with holes.


PS you are not my MOM Peter :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. your not my Mom either, you are obviously just another burnt out NACHI dinosaur who has nothing better to do than cruise the message board. If this threads location bothers you so much than report it to the message board authorities. This is the misc. section. " discuss whatever you wish in this forum ". As said before, I didn’t start the thread I only replied to it. Dumb ***

Brilliant response Peter.

So now I am a dumbass because of my opinion, thank you for making this message board a better place.

I am so glad that I am not a control freak.

	 	 		**"Misc. Discussion** Discuss whatever you wish in this forum."

It is just wrong John to post political views in this area. It serves no purpose on a Home Inspection Message board.

There is a specific area of the message board where it states


I will not categorize what kind of freak you may or may not be John, but as for the control thing, you did volunteer to be a moderator. :wink:

It surpirises me others have not chimed in.

Are you lobbying for the position of Thread Appropriateness Czar ?

Not exactly, but I believe if this message board is to become a little better, a non formally moderated, gentle mens/womens aggreement to keep the political, religious, contentious drap off the main area of the board and placed into the not for everyone section. Where, if you are so inclined, you can verbaly beat the crap out of each other.

There is nothing to be gained by posting slanderous threads about a political party on this message board.