The English want their guns back


The English want their guns back. They listened to their lawmakers and leaders, now they are sorry for it. Let us be vigilant in defence of our right to defend and protect our families and property. The 2nd Ammendment is there for a purpose, and it is not to allow you to shoot Bambi.

**Make no mistake; the **Obama Administration wants your guns. The Bill (HR 45, Jan 6th, 2009) being introduced sounding reasonable enough covers licensing (to know where the guns are) as the first step. There are other Bills in waiting in the wings covering control of ammunition, etc. Next will be confiscation, just as it was in Australia and most recently in England. Without a means to protect yourself, your family and property, the criminals own you.
I urge you, to send this to everyone you can.
Knowledge is power, truth is powerful.

Without the means to resist, any and all other liberties are at peril. …Me

It’s a concern, I agree to an extent… I think the US would be a bit resistant to this.

I was talking to one of my neighbors who is a deputy and part time in military. I mentioned that there are a number of people concerned, he said “who is going to take them from you… the police and army?, they are citizens too!”

Rebuking/reversing 2nd amendment, I think I might be a bit upset if that were the case.

I guess this issue isn’t simple and may take a bit to unfold in either direction.

Russell, that event is taken completely out of context and has little if anything to do with firearms control, Britain has had very strict gun laws for well over 100 years and there is absolutley no ground swell of public opinion to relax the laws, in fact the oposite is true.

BTW not only does Britain have one of the toughest gun laws in the world, they also have one of the lowest gun related crime rates in the world, Pistols have been licensed since the end of the 19th century and fully automatic weapons have been banned since 1937.

Sporting weapons (shot guns) are less restricted but can only legaly hold 3 shots, as we have little left in the way of large game (We killed and ate most of that stuff years ago) there is no need for even “sportsmen” to carry 30-6’s and M-16’s



Well, I’d guess you’d know, Ger!

There’s a scene in The Unbearable Lightness of Being that recalls the “Prague Spring” where Soviet tanks and troops rolled into town to quell the Czech revolt.

I remember thinking, if that happened here, the armed citizenry would have put those guys away in short order.

The same thinking goes into the locations where sicko’s target the unarmed like gun-free campuses, stuff like that could never happen in a Wal-Mart in Florida where 80% of the shoppers are packing.

Those who create gun-free zones should be held responsible for the violence that takes place there.

they can’t have mine back Russ…but if they want to come in my house unannounced…I’ll be glad to show them how one works…:wink:

Those who vote for an anti-gun president should be held responsible.:slight_smile:

Was there a choice? Hey not to worry we had a slue of anti-abortion presidents and Row Vs Wade is still the law of the land… I don’t think the 2nd Amendment has anything to worry about from Obama.

The English history of crime and gun control… Hmmm,2933,59866,00.html

What is your point?

I, for one, am crossing my fingers.

Totaly spurious report John, try some reality:

Last year Britain reported 42 fatal shootings (excluding suicides) in a population of 60,000,000. = 1 per 1.5m population.

The US figures are 14,000 non suicide fatal shooting in a population of 300,000,000= 1 per 21,000 population.



Yeah, but we have more people who need killing. Have you been on a subway train recently?

Yes. But there’s that pesky 22nd Amendment.

Hi Joe, statisically I have to agree with you western Europe has a murder rate of 1.6 per 100k population.

In the US it is 6.6 per 100k population.

Regardless of means you are 4.5 times more likely to be murdered here than in Western Europe, I guess you guys just piss off more people more often :mrgreen::mrgreen::wink:

I suggest that before you start your next arguement that you check whether they’re armed



Well, I’m certainly holding up my end.

You’re a lawyer though Joe, it goes with the Territory doesn’t it, Hell everyone should be allowed to shoot at least one Lawyer :wink:



Only One Gerry ???:frowning: