describe & identify this structure


Geodesic dome. Probably a green house.

Bucky Fuller monument??

Mikie Hit it.

My uncle built a Geodesic dome in the 70’s. Lots of room, Weird interior acoustics, (wood ceiling) and nearly impossible to find roof leaks. I loved that place.

geodesic yurt dome.

We have a few here locally that people live in. Obviously they aren’t make of plastic like this one is but of insulated sections and much larger. A couple are on raised foundations as they are right on the waters edge. Apparently they do amazingly well in hurricanes. You just have to put up with nosy tourists standing the yard taking pictures.

You bring up a funny point, Doug. My uncle had 2 large domes linked by an entryway/hallway People would stop all the time and ask to see his “observatory”. He had to get a dog so my aunt had some security.

Sounds like one of the nicer ones I just saw this past month. Several domes interlinked with hallways. I guess each person had their own area off the central dome which was the largest dome.

There is a home here on Pensacola Beach they call the Spaceship house. It looks like a flying saucer on stilts. From what I hear it did extremely well during Hurricane Ivan which was a Cat 5. I will see if I can find a photo of it.

Here it is and another very nice dome home on Pensacola Beach.