Desktop or Mobile Version

It was explained to me that the Microsoft Surface Pro accepts the desktop version of Home Inspector Pro only (not the mobile version), but may be small enough to carry around the inspection job as a mobile device. If I do this I won’t have to pay the extra money to set up the mobile account or pay $20 every month for the cloud service. Can anyone tell me if this has worked for them or is it more efficient to use mobile devices and software while in the field (which may be tailor made for “on the move” type work). Thanks.

I would agree that a Surface Pro is too large to carry about while you are doing an inspection. I use a Samsung SM-T380. It’s one of the few tablets that has a flash.

Most folks at this forum who have gone mobile prefer to use a large phone, either Android or iPhone. I like the larger screen of my 8" tablet, and use the AWP tool pouch to keep my hands free.

The largest inspection company in the nation, The Elite Group, carries around 10" tablets on site, prints on site and walks out done. HIP desktop was originally designed for tablets so it works well. That being said, like William mentioned, most do use mobile devices now. Built in speech recognition, a better camera, often having flash, makes things easier.

Good morning Dominic
Are there templates available on home inspector Pro for Radon Mitigation systems inspecting? I am currently using your trial as I am not open for business as of yet. Just trying to get my stuff in a row. I’m not real sure where to find all your pre-set templates you can contact me at, due diligence inspections at you for your information. I appreciate your time, and your efforts. Have a nice day

Yes, we have several radon templates that our users have shared. You can find them on our message boards on our site under Templates and Sample Reports. There’s a master link of shred templates under the first or second post.

We use the team method, one follows the other and completes the report with a 10” iPad. Sometimes in kitchen or other large interior areas, we put the iPad down and both inspect then just come back to add our own information onto the mobile app.

It has given us our evenings and nights back with our families, it’s a great life saver and the agents LOVE IT!!

I love reading comments like this. Thanks John!

I tried an iPad years ago, just too bulky and no flash. Now use note 4 with mobile the time it saves you on just one inspection is worth the $20 month