Home Inspection report programs

I am researching the many home inspection report programs out there and have narrowed it down to two, home inspector pro or home gauge. Not sure which one will be the most user friendly. I would like to do my report and be able to email it to the customer. I have both Mac and Windows, but would rather use my iPad while doing the inspection. So I am leaning more towards home inspector pro, can any give me their comments on both of these programs. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!

Tim Losco
First Source Home Inspections, Inc.
Jacksonville, Florida

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I do not yet have HIP for my ipad but love it on my laptop… Very user friendly. I have been using it about a year and a half and have cut my report time down by about 45 minutes. Once you have it set up it is very easy.

Home Inspector Pro is the best choice.
Nick stated last year that HIP is the best.

Ipad users (not one) say it is the best for mobile.

I use Android and the photo slot plus merge features work pretty flawlessly at this point.

Mobile under any software (any) has a way to go in my opinion but if you are new it might be wise to finish up at home to not miss anything.
Take a ton of pictures.
Appearance of the report and photo slot speed are the main reasons I do not switch.

HIP!!! It is even faster on a phone. I use a Samsung Galaxy just for that. Very fast and because it fits in your hand and in your pocket or belt, you can easily transition from tool to, camera to phone. It is a lot faster than a tablet and even more stealth.

See post #63. Billy has used both and states that HG is easiest right out of the box. Highly recommend HG over the others. Try InterNachiGauge

That is personal preference and effects your note taking as fewer comments can be seen on the screen at a time.
The only way I use mobile is with the smart camera.

New one being released soon.

Thank you so much for all the feed back. I really appreciate it very much.

Tim, I’m the owner of Home Inspector Pro and can tell you that both programs are great programs. Take both for a spin (we both offer free trials), call our support to get the full experience and then make your choice.

I have used both.

You should try them both, fully and then choose. Only you know what works for you.

Billy is your mentor for Home Inspection ?
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belliott, I don’t take any notes. None necessary. As Rod Stewart sang, “Every picture tells a story”! I can do 3-4 inspections per day…no notes needed. Maybe a 5th would overwhelm my brain (squash), but 3-4 don’t… : ).

Who is Belliott ?
My name is Bob.

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You are…Bob!..But if you don’t know? We haven’t been on a first name basis. That is your handle on the screen.

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I have home inspector pro and love the product. And service is great.

Both are great programs, I agree with previous post to trial both first. I switched from another software company to HIP two years ago. One thing I can tell you for sure, HIP has the BEST customer service out of any software company. When I made the switch, Dominic guided me through his software from 7pm est until 2am est because he knew I had to turn in two reports with two more to complete the next day. One plus about HG is you can merge reports from multiple inspectors, something I know Dominic was working on but not sure if he completed that feature. Dominic listens to his customers and is always making updates. Good luck!

The merge feature has been in HIP for a while now.
Check out all the updates.
It is quite impressive.

Yup, I’d say the merge feature has been done for at least a year now. Time to update Greg!