Desperate Contractors..???

Just got an e-mail from one of the top Realtors producers in town regarding an e-mail that he got from a new Home Inspector:

Subject: Home Inspections That Help You Close The Sale

Dear Realtor,

I have been a home inspector in Bay County for over ten years, and it is my desire to help you make every deal come to the closing table.

I will always be positive with your customers when discussing any necessary repairs to the property. I work well with Realtors, their customers, and closing agents.

I will never discuss anything not related to my function as a inspector with the customer.

My reports are straightforward, include digital pictures, and are ready within 24 hours of the inspection. All of my inspection prices are competitive.

I am a licensed Residential / Commercial Contractor with 27 years of experience. I perform the following inspections for both residential and commercial properties:

Home Inspections
Commercial Property Inspections
4-point Insurance Inspections
Wind Loss Reduction Insurance Inspections

References available. Please call or email when I can help.](,) *

We checked his references as a contractor and can not find anything in the DPR site. Your comments are greatly appreciated??? Desperation at its best. Inspectors that will screwed the client on behalf of the Realtor.



Maybe I’m tired and I’m reading the email in a different light. Shine the light for me. How is he screwing potential realtor clients? The way I read it he’s simply stating he won’t discuss something other than what he was hired to do.


[size=4]See subject: [/size]
Home Inspections That Help You Close The Sale

Yea I saw that to. Not the approach I would take, however IMO he’s just using it as a marketing ploy to the realtor. He then goes on and backs it up by saying I won’t give my two cents other than what I’m paid to do and he shouldn’t. As home inspectors the transaction is none of our business. We report our findings, educated our client and realtor on our findings honestly and move on. I think that’s how he’s trying to calm the realtor into believing he’ll help him or her close the sale.

I have to agree with Billy here. It does come off a bit over the top as an approach, but he does say he will only discuss potential problems and repairs. It doesn’t state that he will soften every report, but he might. I think it is just a marketing idea from him. Time will tell.