Destination certain, future unknown

I dropped my 20 year old son off at the Memphis, TN international airport this morning. He had about $100 cash and his first military orders.

I realized today for the first time how wonderful my life truly was.

To all who have fought and died for my freedom I am truly grateful.

I pledge to you, I will do my very best to never allow any politician to sell out our great nation on “hope and change” again.

Thanks, Frank! God bless your son and all who have fought for our freedom.

Man, that is some picture:

I wish him well and a safe return. Thank him for his service

Wish him well Frank
Mine is coming home for 2 weeks on the 10th will happy to see him but don’t let that out lol i have certain image to keep .

Wow. What a post Frank. Thank you for sharing this personal moment. I’m honestly about to cry. 20 years old… he’s just a boy.

God bless him and keep him safe


Looks like he is Air Force. Where is he headed to?

Maxwell AF base. He should be there now. He called from Atlanta before getting on the bus about 2 pm.

Please tell him thanks and thank you. We all get caught up in the moment these days.

Will do Frank he had a tough one for about 6 months at Dover processing the brave that gave their all .

Wow. Please tell him thanks.

God bless

keep the faith

All politicians promise hope and change.
Been going on forever.

It’s the young people on the front lines that bear the brunt.
I hope he doesn’t have to go to any place dangerous Frank!