USAF Pilot

My son was selected to become a pilot in the USAF today. He will finish his degree at Ole Miss then off to pilot training with the Air Force. I am a proud father today.:slight_smile:

That’s awesome Frank! Congrats!

Wow… Congratulations to you and your son.

Nice job…I’m sure he earned it. Congratulations

Very cool. :smiley:

I loved my pilots when I was a USAF crew chief. :smiley:

I am from a family of USAF pilots, there the best. :smiley:

Congratulation Frank up up and away

Congrats Frank!

Thanks to your son and all the other service people who serve for their country
They are very much appreciated … Roy

Congats Frank !!

Awesome!!! Tell him thanks!

Congrats Frank!

Wow. Congrats Frank.

wow! excellent!!

Congrats Frank!!

Congrats to you and your son Frank, what will he be flying?

Cool! What does he want to fly?

That’s awesome Frank.

Keep us informed as to what he’ll be flying.

Thank you Roy for helping him and for always being a great friend.:slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. He is going for the fighter jets. :cool:

Congratulations Frank!